Example sentences of "[adv] upon a " in BNC.

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31 Once upon a time , she had been able to withstand Florentine summers better than any English woman she knew but of late they had begun to tire her , to make her feel that in everything she did she was pushing a large boulder up a hill .
32 After the narrows at St Goar and the infamous Lorelei , the river opens out again and begins to look a little cleaner , as though it might even , once upon a time , have been blue .
33 It seems that once upon a time OS/2 was going to be the real version of Windows , but Microsoft changed its mind and decided to go it alone .
34 ONCE upon a time , a school trip meant a week under canvas in Wales or , if it was especially adventurous , a visit across the Channel .
35 Once upon a time man lived by hunting and by gathering .
36 According to a Sumerian poet : ‘ Once upon a time there was no snake , there was no scorpion , / There was no hyena , there was no lion , / There was no wild dog , no wolf , / There was no fear , no terror , / Man had no rival . ’
37 Once upon a time , there was waking , which was slow and painful , and then quite a long period , replete with chances and triumphs and defeats and risks , which sometimes , though not always , ended in lunch .
38 Once upon a time he had read a quite terrifying number of books and accumulated an equally terrifying number of opinions about them .
39 Once upon a time a few years ago it was realised that the costs of circuits from the Post Office to broadcast choral evensong ‘ live ’ easily outstripped the courtesy fees paid to the participants .
40 However , once upon a time the mathematician was a child too .
41 It has a ‘ once upon a time ’ approach and , while avoiding negative criticisms of New Age philosophies , it takes the reader on a tour of some of the more positive Christian beliefs .
42 This could be heard approaching from some distance off , owing to its lack of an exhaust pipe , and was known around the camp as the Green Devil because it had , once upon a time , been that colour all over , instead of just in places as now .
43 Safety was , once upon a time , an issue that concerned the opposition to nuclear power .
44 ONCE upon a time , farmyard ‘ muck ’ was a subject of little interest outside the farm .
45 He is remembered chiefly for his series of twenty Organ Sonatas , but there is much more besides ; a substantial corpus of choral music , including three Requiems and no fewer than twelve Masses , two operas , a Symphony , symphonic poem , two Concertos for Organ ( once upon a time available from E. Power Biggs on a CBS LP ) and one for Piano — and a fair amount of chamber music , sixteen opus numbers in all , of which this Thorofon CD ( the least of seven ) rounds off a complete recording .
46 She had played beautifully once upon a time , and even now , although she had been compelled to give it up almost entirely , it was a joy to listen to her .
47 Once upon a time — oh , years and years ago ! — she had been a schoolmistress .
48 Once upon a time you had a dream — that you lived in a world of simple market forces where everything or everybody had a price or value .
49 Its wines were once upon a time combined in the vat with those of Verzenay and it is from the reputation of that great village that Beaumont-sur-Vesle has wrested its misplaced status .
50 PRS and Patrick Eggle have revived this fashion , which was predominant once upon a time on Gibson 's ES345/355 models .
51 Once upon a time there was a film with a jolly popular song , sung as a duet .
53 ONCE UPON a time , somewhere in Ireland , two brothers and a like-minded friend decided to form a band .
54 Once upon a time there was a little boy called Steven Spielberg who refused to grow up .
55 Once upon a time they all lived happily ever after .
56 Once upon a time there was something called soul .
57 Once upon a time muezzins had had to climb such towers to call the people to prayer , the little round room at the top giving resonance , enlarging the human voice .
58 Once upon a time a man could hang for setting fire to a hayrick !
59 Once upon a time she would have been jealous about the constant reference to Charles and Camilla but no longer .
60 Once upon a time this may have been so .
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