Example sentences of "[adv] upon a " in BNC.

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1 Whilst it is not inconsistent for liberals to hold a theory of distributive justice , for in a sense any advocacy of the free market implies certain distributive consequences , the ‘ harm to interests ’ theorists can not deny that their theory of obligation rests entirely upon a cryptic theory of distributive justice rather than an extrapolation of fundamental precepts of liberalism .
2 It does this because it shows how if we start from our own case alone , and concentrate entirely upon a conception of mental states which is independent of behaviour , we can not move from our conception of ourselves as subjects of experience to a conception of other subjects .
3 the implementation of strategies will in themselves depend greatly upon a series of further conditioning variables such as managerial organisation , patterns of authority within the management hierarchy and , above all , upon the power of oppositional groups ( especially trade unions ) .
4 Effective communication of the gospel depends not only upon a thorough understanding of the content of the message , but also on an ability to relate that message to the contemporary situation .
5 The " OCCI boom " ( Optical Coincidence Co-ordinate Indexing ) spreading through school resources centres in the early 19705 was not , however , based only upon a misunderstanding about media formats , although there was evidence of a considerable confusion about general principles of information retrieval ; what teachers in particular were signalling ( as I explained in Organizing resources ) was great dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of conventional catalogues in practice .
6 Do these words mean that judges can be dismissed by the Crown only upon an Address of both Houses ( with a direction to the Houses that they are not to present an Address unless the judge has misbehaved himself ) ?
7 It could illustrate that symbolic episode , common to fairy-tales and Gothic novels , in which the heroine , lost in a dark wood , comes suddenly upon a sunlit clearing .
8 The priest was dying with a last Gloria on his lips , and Harry , carried away upon a tide of hatred for all things Spanish and all things Catholic , had already sunk the blade into the back of the young hidalgo .
9 But , read the chapter this way or that , if there was ever a case for recognising that unions have a right to share in the management of companies , that case depended critically upon a general expectation — amounting to a near-certainty — that , rather than give primacy to their sectional interests , unions would and could act in the general interest whenever it was necessary or desirable for them to do so .
10 Such studies depend critically upon a knowledge of the total baseline flora in particular environments .
11 It is assumed that the purposeful provision of facilities , or the success of intervention strategies to encourage fuller use of available resources , depends critically upon an account of adolescents ' reasoning about leisure .
12 The criminal law may depend less upon one monolithic principle and more upon a synthesis of conflicting principles .
13 The ecumenical movement has reversed three centuries of division which began with the failure of the Savoy Conference in 1661 and the imposition of the Act of Uniformity , Today , Holy Communion is celebrated more frequently and with a set liturgy , often in an ‘ Anglican ’ way ; set prayers are common and sometimes take a responsory form ; the increasing use of a lectionary means that the choice of readings depends less upon the whim of the preacher and more upon an ordered scheme .
14 I quietly let myself out of the flat and ran down the stairs coming too quickly upon a crumpled heap hunched at the bottom .
15 ‘ Nothing will come of nothing ’ , as King Lear said once upon a time .
16 Once upon a time another German government let Lenin cross another Germany in a sealed train on his way to Russia .
17 Once upon a time , this might have been 95 per cent .
18 MOSCOW — Once upon a time , in a previous journalistic incarnation , I worked at Westminster .
19 Once upon a time there was a man who thought he could be a dragon-master .
20 Once upon a time , long long ago and far far away , out in the dreamlands , there was another Margaret just like you .
21 Once upon a time Fenna had brooded on a hoard for so many years and with such desire that it had quickened and grown , diamonds breeding and bringing up their young under his weight .
22 Once upon a time , of course , when you craved new clothes , you had to save for them — a quaint custom almost as outdated as horsedrawn carriages and farthingales .
23 ONCE upon a time people indulged in the ages-old craft of telling stories to each other — but then television and video stepped in and took the words out of our mouths .
24 Once upon a time book-buying parents could rely on the classics to keep the kids quiet .
25 Once upon a time , if you were caught short , there would be a convenience at your disposal .
26 I 'd have done anything for you once upon a time .
27 Once upon a time , ’ he had written .
28 Once upon a time , there was a boy called Nigel Charles Hughes .
29 Once upon a time , when Daddy was a little boy , he used to wake in the night and cry .
30 ( The Countess of Clancarty , rumoured to have been the Earl 's cook once upon a time , charged £2,000 for the service , and Lady St John of Bletso , whose provincial protégées were known as ‘ the Blets ’ , the same amount . )
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