Example sentences of "[adv] upon a " in BNC.

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61 ( There is evidence , though , that once upon a time Mars enjoyed running water . )
62 The primary legend of Atlantis seems to have started in the fourth century BC , when Plato wrote that Solon , who had lived a century or so earlier , had visited Egypt and there had been told by a priest that , once upon a time , there had existed a continent beyond the Pillars of Hercules ( that is , the Strait of Gibraltar ) .
63 Once upon a time there was the offer of a lifetime from Books for Children .
64 Once upon a time you made them yourself .
65 Nostalgia , necessity ( once upon a time ) , narrowness ( increasing ) , music , majority vote , excess ( hopefully )
66 ONCE UPON a time Primal Scream were a dismal Byrds-obsessed ‘ C86 ’ jangle rock band with a biker fetish .
68 But once upon a time the ad pages of NME throbbed with the heady thrills of Loon pants !
69 ONCE UPON a time The Face was the style bible not of gits in fake fur-trimmed parkas and yups looking for new big ties , but of crazy over-made-up early '80s youth , for whom mum 's old curtains and too much eye-liner signified SEX and REVOLUTION .
70 Once upon a time it would have been unthinkable for a band , especially one with such a reputation as Happy Mondays ’ , to apologise for their remarks without some sort of legal action being taken against them .
71 America is also represented by the legendary ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST .
72 ONCE UPON a time , not so long ago , Mudhoney swore an oath of allegiance to independent labeldom in the belief that small was best …
73 Once upon a time school teachers who climbed might take a favoured few pupils to the crags in the Lagonda or Alvis .
74 Once upon a time this plasteel cavern with its ranks of mighty support pillars must have seemed spacious , voluminous , gargantuan .
75 Once upon a time there was in the UK a Director of Flight Safety , but this office has been abolished .
76 Once upon a time the only crime in this neck of the woods was domestic .
77 This is a book much to be admired ; it contains exactly the sort of information I would have divulged to my own foundation students once upon a sketchbook project .
78 ONCE upon a time , the enemies of South-East Asia 's environment were overpopulation and poverty , but now prosperity must also be considered a foe .
79 Once upon a time waste management was purely a matter of public health .
80 Once upon a time it could take several hours to install a network interface card .
81 Once upon a time when Intel released the 80286 , everyone wanted to make a 286-compatible PC , including Ericsson .
82 ONCE UPON a time , the government of Norway promised that it would not only protect the wolf as an endangered species , but even maintain a breeding population of the beast .
83 ‘ Grass roots ’ writes : ‘ Once upon a time , social services and the Japanese decided to have a competitive boat race on the river Thames .
84 ONCE upon a time , the British used to boast of the battles they had won — Agincourt , Trafalgar and Waterloo ( with less justice ) for example .
85 Predictably , Irish Terence Adair believes that ‘ if steamers come into vogue , they will do away with all the romance once upon a time supposed to belong to a naval life ’ but the Scotsman 's more practical view chimes in with Jack 's opinion .
86 Once upon a time you could get your pilot 's licence in him for £20 .
87 Once upon a time in Belfast there were bands like Stiff Little Fingers and Rudi .
88 Once upon a time , so the story runs in these characteristic responses to the summer riots of 1981 , violence and disorder were unknown in Britain .
89 Among modern believers , it is generally assumed that once upon a time there was a ‘ pure ’ form of Christianity preached by Paul , from which various ‘ deviations ’ — that is , ‘ heresies ’ — subsequently occurred .
90 ONCE UPON A TIME the Universities had representatives in parliament ; it is only now through the Conference of University Convocations and Graduate Associations ( CUCGA , a national body in which Salford has a high profile , that works to protect and enhance higher education ) that we seem to be getting some clout back .
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