Example sentences of "[be] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 Following the uprising and the overthrow of the legitimate government , whatever common interest there had been between these groups ceased and they began to fight each other .
32 Julia found herself wanting to get to know her better , quite certain by then that whatever there had been between Suvarov and Felicity while his first wife was alive it had not been the kind of affair David had assumed .
33 It was reported , for instance , that of the nationally mixed marriages in Turkmenia from the 1920s to the 1970s , not a single one had been between a Turkmen girl and a Russian man .
34 The recollection was faintly depressing , making her realise how little useful or productive communication there had been between them .
35 In the post-war period , expenditure on the military has been between 5 and 10 per cent of GDP .
36 Inter-rater reliability was assessed across codes , individuals and data-points ; mean weighted occurrence/ non-occurrence reliability has been between 84 per cent and 95 per cent on each occasion .
37 How good would you say the relationship has been between erm the Housing , Housing Office and the tenants , how is the relationship for all of you ?
38 ‘ That 's all there 's ever been between us !
39 In broad terms , the division has been between those who see an accumulation of reforms and a gradual erosion of bourgeois dominance as leading to a situation in which a relatively easy and peaceful transition to a socialist society will be achieved ; and those who regard reforms largely as mere palliatives , value the struggle for reforms mainly for its effect in developing working-class consciousness and organization , and envisage the achievement of socialism as a more abrupt event ensuing from a more or less violent final confrontation between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat .
40 ‘ Admit that this has been between us since we first saw each other .
41 The reports differed , however , as to whether the clashes had been between Uzbeks and Armenians , Tadjiks and Armenians , or Uzbeks and Tadjiks .
42 Some sources said that the clashes had been between members of the fundamentalist Adl wal Ihsan ( " justice and charity " ) group and members of the leftist Kaiyidine group .
43 But Spain would never again be as politically and economically isolated as it had been between 1945 and 1950 .
44 On average prices were around 25 per cent lower between 1720 and 1780 than they had been between 1660 and 1680 .
45 It was something he had been wanting to do for over ten years , but , now that he had done it , he had destroy something that had been between them — a mysterious , almost exquisite , promise of delight .
46 One of the major divisions has been between the Japanese and the Europeans .
47 A parliamentary committee in 1799 considered there to have been between 4,000 and 5,000 women working at copper mines , but this was an overestimate for an enumeration of 1838 , after a considerable expansion , counted 4,526 .
48 Whatever was or had been between Matthew and Jenny was not yet resolved , Sara realised from Jenny 's preoccupation with the man .
49 Her threat to leave the job had been an idle one , and whatever ill feeling there had been between her and Jenny must have been papered over .
50 But it was the thought of how things should have been between them .
51 Or had it been between them , or only in her own highly tuned emotions ?
52 The chemistry had been between them from the start , waiting only for a wayward spark to ignite it .
53 He never had a chance of getting the money , which would have been between 10 and 12 times the amount in circulation in the UK at the moment . ’
54 In recent years , the major underlying conflict , stoked up by personality clashes between union leaders , has been between the industrial union ethos of the NUR and the continuing craft aspirations of ASLEF .
55 Once you had been through the three years what did you find had developed most for you as an actor ?
56 But what if at the moment of birth the whole of one 's life to come were to flash before one 's eyes and then to be immediately wiped away , forgotten , while we laboriously go through all the pleasures and sorrows , all the hopes and frustrations that make up a life , meeting people and parting from them , listening to them and speaking to them , to go through tasting all we taste in the course of our long lives , seeing all we see , every leaf at every moment and every cloud at every moment , and hearing all we hear , the hooting of every car and the singing of every bird and every performance of the Brandenburg concertos , go through all that , in time , very slowly , though we had already been through it all , every moment of it , leaf , cloud , concerto , in one brief but intense instant , everything perfectly formed but over in less than a second ?
57 However , I have now been through the notebook you left with me and there are a few things I wish .
58 But may have been through that earlier .
59 Where interiors have survived , it has been through benign neglect .
60 The difference between most ARC members and professional chefs , male or female , is that the former have not been through ‘ the system ’ .
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