Example sentences of "[be] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 I am during his absence drawing as many native plants as I can , I mean branches of trees , some of which are very pretty .
2 But most of the score-for 40 wind and percussion players without strings-is about immensity rather than detail , above all in the last movement .
3 But in The Emperor no detail is adduced that might bring out what differences there could have been between the courtiers and petitioners of Ethiopia and their counterparts elsewhere in the world .
4 The estimate had been between £40,000 and £60,000 , but competition between the Khalili Galleries of London and an unnamed museum drove the price through the roof .
5 The struggle has been between the Czech people and the security apparatus behind the Communist party .
6 The struggle has been between the Czech people and the security apparatus behind the Communist party .
7 In this case we can calculate that the average output per obverse die must have been between 23,000 and 47,000 .
8 The legal dispute over the relics has been between Mr John Claridge , who excavated them in 1931 , and his niece , Mrs Georgina Smith , the daughter of his brother , Geoffrey , who died in 1986 .
9 The viewing figures are estimated to have been between 100,000 and 150,000 .
10 The average audience has been between 200,000 and 250,000 .
11 Here the choice must have been between good lakes and less good lakes .
12 Instead , where disorder has occurred , it has more often been between the police and a faction or factions within the demonstration itself .
13 You were also , probably , drunk , but how you got drunk , or where you had been between that first moment of reacquaintance with yourself and now , was a mystery .
14 A measure of your success in a coaching session is when the subordinate feels the discussion has been between two equals and that together you have arrived at the best course of action .
15 A shadow crossed his face ; evidently , thought Karelius , what there had been between him and Louise Müller was not yet dead , and perhaps never would be .
16 Unfortunately , the burial period must have been between 1400 and 1000 B.C. , a time far distant from the legendary date of the battle between Coilus and Fergus .
17 It was as though they had returned to the relationship there had been between them on Ridgery Butts when he had taught her to use the bow , and encouraged her with gentle praise .
18 It is currently considered that a House consisting of some 650 members is appropriate ; the figure has been between 600 and 650 for many decades although there is nothing magic about this particular size .
19 If the N1 cam had been between the point cams throughout I could have done , but NOT when the N1 cam is left outside them .
20 While visiting France the princess has been ‘ amused and smiling ’ about a sensational tape recording of a phone call said to have been between Charles and Camilla during which he said : ‘ I love you .
21 Martin 's position in the firm had been between the two .
22 Emily had taken her revenge swiftly , severing the ties that had long been between the Grenfells and the Morgans .
23 Whatever understanding there might have been between the police and the BUF ended at this remark .
24 Although he differentiated his position from that of Draper , suggesting that the struggle had been between science and dogmatic theology rather than between science and religion , A. D. White insisted that there had been a theological and a scientific view of every question , invariably at odds .
25 Certainly the Catholic Church had a vested interest in Aristotelian philosophy , but much of the conflict ostensibly between science and religion turns out to have been between new science and the sanctified science of the previous generation .
26 She had n't really believed it herself , not all of it anyway ; so when her mother started telling her that what Davy Treffry had said was more or less true , she wanted to put her hands over her ears and not listen ; she did n't want to know about the argument there had been between her father and her Uncle Harry ; she did n't want to hear about how they picked their wives by some silly fishing competition .
27 The most marked shift has been between different sectors : the percentage of output ( Gross Domestic product , or GDP ) accounted for by manufacturing has decreased while the proportion attributable to service industries has increased .
28 The main historical tension here has been between the institution ( typically the university ) and the professional body .
29 And he was right , it had always been between them .
30 The class struggles of history have been between minorities .
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