Example sentences of "[be] [prep] " in BNC.

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61 But common sense , coupled with the prospect of the time and paperwork involved in interviewing the hundred or so people who 'd been through the Cookery and Refreshment Tent during the past few hours finally defeated his hope for personal glory through brilliant deduction .
62 Who will lose his legs — ‘ And sleep without his girl — ‘ ‘ My family have been through all this already .
63 She has been through a marriage , a divorce , and a serious love affair ; learnt Russian , written regularly for a local paper and taught a young child disabled by a stroke to read again .
64 This explains , says the professor , why all Archer 's characters seem never to have been through the growing-up process .
65 Having been through the experience , though , may facilitate a certain realism about the conflict in question . ’
66 He talks about his ileostomy ( a permanent colostomy ) with the lack of embarrassment that only someone who has been through it can .
67 The conference heard that out of 732 post-mortem examinations — on victims of the Air India Boeing which crashed into the Atlantic near Cork , Zeebrugge , Piper Alpha , Lockerbie and Kegworth — 80.22 per cent of identifications had been through dentistry records .
68 We have been through them before .
69 The women I spoke to who had been through the whole procedure told me of the many exhausting visits they had had to make to the British Embassies and High Commissions , of the atmosphere of contempt at these places , of the pettiness of the Entry Clearance Officers ( ECOs ) and interpreters , and the rude and unreasonable questions they had had to answer .
70 The car has been through several variations of engine size , but now like an ageing but still beautiful dowager , repeated facelifts can no longer wholly hide the ravages of time and progress . ’
71 I 've been through both already so I know what I 'm talking about .
72 They have been through an unsettling time and are finding it difficult to readjust .
73 Still , I 've been through the trade directory and come up with something a bit more hopeful .
74 The convoy has already been through a Soviet Checkpoint at Marienborn on the West/East German border , Where the numbers of men and vehicles have been thoroughly checked .
75 He had been through school and university , he had travelled the world , he had completed five years in the armed forces , he had flown fighter planes and helicopters — and for nine months had had command of a mine hunter in the North Sea .
76 Diana arrived at Sandringham that weekend having just been through a most traumatic period .
77 He had been through hell in the course of duty ; he had made sacrifices that would be asked of no other human being .
78 Moved by her obvious concern , he had written to explain that he had been through a bad time , but was better now .
79 I 've been through it all .
80 You ca n't forget if you 've been through it , you ca n't . ’
81 Fifty thousand Palestinians have been through the prisons since the intifada began ; scores of Arab children have been shot dead .
82 Fifty thousand Palestinians have been through the prisons since the intifada began ; scores of Arab children have been shot dead .
83 It is vital , however , that agencies involved in alternatives to care continue to listen to those who have been through the system .
84 But Mr Bond has been through it all before .
85 Going back to fame , to your intimate knowledge of the processes of identification and obsession … having been through various manic fixations , you have progressed to being a star , the subject of fixation yourself .
86 Something you 've been through ?
87 ‘ I think I 've been through being influenced by people .
88 ‘ No , Charlie , of course you can ‘ t , we 've been through that .
89 His opposite number , Clive Lloyd , had already been through the two formative experiences of his captaincy .
90 He was aware that a captain with a record such as his has a big advantage , since any troops will respond better to a leader they know has been through the fire himself , and so he knew just what he could ask of his bowlers .
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