Example sentences of "that i [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 It was not until years later that I heard about the societies known as Buffaloes and Foresters .
32 It was through them that I heard about the forthcoming penny farthing races at Ferrymead Historic Park , on Waitangi Day ( the NZ national day , Feb. 6th ) .
33 Lying in bed , looking at the stiff poses in the pictures , I began to want to see the living reality — and the only reality to begin with for me was the singing that I heard through my sickroom window .
34 It was while filming at this den that I heard of yet another place , only a few miles up the Wye , where mink had been seen killing mallard chicks .
35 Sir — It was with deep sadness that I heard of the death of Fred Daly , to date the only Irish winner of The Open .
36 The first time that I heard of Maastricht was on 12 May 1940 , when the RAF was shot out of the sky and knocked on the ground .
37 This was a very comforting thing , although I must admit that I heard of no cases occurring in the period that I was in Mespot .
38 It was at a dinner party in the flat , when they were in the kitchen together fetching yogurt and raspberries , that I heard for the first time one of them turn on the other in anger .
39 It was one of the few references to the former prime minister 's gender that I heard during the whole week of leadership crise .
40 ‘ But why I mentioned her was that I heard by chance that she has married again . ’
41 She drew the word out , so that I heard in its simple syllable all the pain and hurt of the drug .
42 Axelrod had already begun to think in ESS terms , but I felt that this tendency was so important that I wrote to him suggesting that he should get in touch with W. D. Hamilton , who was then , though Axelrod did n't know it , in a different department of the same university , the University of Michigan .
43 Before I left , I expressed the hope that he could pay another visit to Oxford , though this time a purely private one , and I see that I wrote to him repeating this towards the end of term — the final term — because on 17 June he replied to my home address :
44 ‘ And ‘ t was not for the hand of a child that I wrote to your father a year later . ’
45 You will recall that I wrote to you in June requesting that this work be carried out , and I was given a job number ( which I do not have to hand ) , but no date for the work to be done .
46 It was Joan who told me of her death , and it was probably then that I wrote to your father and we started to exchange Christmas cards .
47 Well now I have in front of me my book that I wrote with Rachel Lowe about these erm these early film erm makers of Britain , and leafing it over I see some of the facts which lie behind the Brighton 's , Brighton 's contribution to this .
48 However , I would also like to remind him that I wrote in response to a report which I assumed to be factual .
49 Suppose that I point at a chair and say ‘ By ‘ chair ’ I mean that ’ , nothing in what I have done creates the desired meaning for the word ‘ chair ’ unless I can further characterise what it is about the object I am pointing to that I am taking as relevant ; for example , I might say ‘ that sort of furniture ’ , and this would improve matters , but I have to have the concept of furniture first .
50 There were faces among them that I recognised from England , and from the training centre at Achnacarry .
51 With hindsight , it was inevitable my application to continue full-time study would be refused , for in their eyes I had wandered long enough in the margins and so my hierarchy now ordered that I return to the basics of uniform police duties .
52 When I refused him , he reluctantly — on the evidence of my bank account — wrote me out permission for four weeks , with the proviso that I return to his office every four weeks … .
53 It is against that background that I return to the conclusion of the majority of the Court of Appeal that the mere fact that Wickes might be able to advance such an argument founded upon article 30 , which was at least not a groundless argument , compelled the Court of Appeal to require an undertaking in damages from the council .
54 And the form that I return to is the form of human being , erm , that 's the form that I have and whatever individuates Socrates from Plato erm is not a matter of the form because they have exactly the same form .
55 I can hardly remember why I stopped going out with some of my exes but that does n't mean that I brood about them and their later and surely unsatisfactory relationships with men unable to hold a candle to myself .
56 Accordingly , Sir David has requested that I convey to young Reginald the facts of life . ’
57 It would be churlish of me not to say how much I welcome that statement , and how much I rejoice in the fact that to add to the four climbdowns that I announced at 4 o'clock , there is a fifth — the abandonment of the proposal announced by the Home Secretary in column 167 of Hansard on 2 July .
58 In addition , it will be eligible for up to £3.66 million under the urban crime fund initiative that I announced on 26 November .
59 I believe that the spending levels that we are now seeing , through the new scheme that I announced in the summer , vindicate the judgment I made because the £17 million that was spent in the two years of the initial scheme represents an average spend of £8.5 million .
60 The Prince submitted his action to the judgement of ‘ the one sovereign that I recognize in France — the people ! ’ .
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