Example sentences of "that i [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Yet , despite all this , Baxter wrote , ‘ not one that I hear of are fallen off or forsake their uprightness ’ .
2 Here I want to vary the times so that I hear from a true cross-section of our listeners , and those who listen to the graveyard shift , for instance , probably never hear the breakfast show .
3 Not that I planned on dying .
4 But it was only later , when I was forced to admit that , at the time of writing , I had begun to become anorexic again , that I realised in addition how closely the central character 's circumstances resembled those of anorexia nervosa .
5 I greeted my cousin 's suggestion that I drive with him and his family to Italy for a skiing holiday with some apprehension .
6 The natural justification of my choice between the fruit would be something like ‘ The peach looked delicious ’ , which conveys the full information that I expected to be responding in accord with ‘ Be aware ’ until the last trace of the flavour faded from my mouth .
7 In effect , all my mother 's female paternal kin are called by the same term that I apply to my ‘ mother ’ ; and all her male paternal kin are designated ‘ mother 's brother ’ without reference to their generational position .
8 If , for example , I call my mother' brother 's son by the same term that I apply to my mother 's brother , the implication is that I share a common relationship with both .
9 It 's rather like the scene that I penned at the beginning of this column .
10 The alternative vision is the one that I subscribe to , and along with me , most historians in this country and in America , and indeed increasingly erm a young generation of German historians , and this is that things began to go wrong well before nineteen fourteen , and that the Germans in fact deliberately started the First World War as the Treaty of Versailles said they did , that nineteen eighteen was not therefore the beginning of the evil , but merely a hiccup in erm a German attempt to conquer Europe , erm as it were , a play with two acts , the first act being nineteen fourteen to eighteen , and then the second act being nineteen thirty-nine to forty-five , two attempts to dominate the continent of Europe by military force .
11 Certain parts of me were defined by the grass that I dented with my feet or the cushion that I hollowed with my back and had an identity both in time and space ; but the breasts and cunt he briefly fondled existed only because touched at his will and through his perception of them .
12 When confronted with Plymouth Brethren or other sects at the door , my major defence ploy was to claim that I lived in a ‘ Quaker house ’ .
13 ‘ I 'm sure that you 're aware that my mother was American and that I lived in London for many years as a boy when my father was military attaché at the German Embassy .
14 As to the type of employment the interesting feature that I experienced over the last two to three years as shown is that the inquiry level the type of inquiries has tended to focus on manufacturing and the attraction has been the quality of the work force , that is both in skill and its healthiness you know the liability and there are other issues in there too about where Britain is at these days in terms of immunisation wage levels , but it is the people that are themselves the major attractors so the potential work force in the locality that is the major attractor .
15 This he did , and it was then that I experienced for the first time his unexpected propensity for one-liners , conjured out of thin air .
16 I never expected it to be easy , but I do sometimes wish for those moments that I experienced in the distant past , when the umpire used to say , ‘ game , set and match ’ , and you shook hands before entering the comparative safety of the changing room .
17 They have been particularly interested in a fact that I touched upon earlier when discussing the ‘ Ontological Argument ’ , namely that existence is not a quality or attribute of something in the way that being round , or hard , or long-haired is an attribute .
18 If , no matter how randomly you threw matter around , the resulting conglomeration could often be said , with hindsight , to be good for something , then it would be true to say that I cheated over the swallow and the whale .
19 It was by chance and with the support of a visiting teacher of drawing who also happened to be a lecturer at Goldsmiths College that I succeeded in getting a place at art school , the first and last totally blind student to have ever done so in Britain .
20 " Since we were n't being shown any buffalo , " replied the senator , smiling easily , " we bagged a muntjac that I spotted on the plain — for one of our smaller groups . "
21 I found much that I identified with , the old lady looking in the TV shop window , enjoying all channels , one assumes , the ‘ Eye-drop ’ queue in the hospital .
22 This afternoon , he has treated the House to an extraordinary collection of half-truths and inaccuracies , but he has not told us the Labour party 's attitude to the proposals that I identified in the statement .
23 I was offered a pair of shoes for about one third more than the market price , and I was so much in need of shoes that I fell into temptation .
24 ‘ When I first got there it was a lot of fun , a big gay scene that I fell into , dancing every night .
25 I remember very well from the moment that I fell from the boat and felt my feet strike some soft substance .
26 that I fell in love with
27 He told TODAY soon after the tragedy : ‘ My only crime is that I fell in love with another girl . ’
28 Had I read enough French novels at the time , I would have known what to expect ; and of course it was here that I fell in love for the first time .
29 ‘ It would seem that I fell in love with an illusion .
30 ‘ I 'm annoyed about that , it was only when I began touring that I heard about it , ’ she told the BBC 's top children 's programme Going Live .
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