Example sentences of "that i [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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61 The independent panel that I appointed in July as you are aware , reported yesterday .
62 The whole process became disheartening and , although I tried various mantras , from words I repeated endlessly to candle flames that I stared at , my thoughts always got the better of me .
63 I knew that I possessed a sidereal compass and that I belonged to another world .
64 Yes , a lot was happening in 1933 , but my arrival still managed to create a bit of a stir in the ordinary , working-class South London family that I belonged to .
65 It was unbearable that the gallery girl should imagine that I belonged to Syl , that his glances and suggestive remarks had ensnared me .
66 Although I had seen you , Frankenstein , for only a few moments , I knew that I belonged to you .
67 They were trying to insinuate that I belonged with the psychiatric patients .
68 I do n't rise sooner , because 't is the worst thing in the world for the complexion ; nat that I pretend to be a beau ; but a man must endeavour to look wholesome , lest he make so nauseous a figure in the side-bax , the ladies should be compelled to turn their eyes upon the play .
69 I it 's just that I remember on Monday morning hearing on the radio that it was being talked about that afternoon and of course immediately forgot to go and get a copy of the next day 's Guardian and read about it and all the other
70 It is the same picture of Shakespeare that I remember from schooldays , when I frowned over Timon of Athens and The Merchant of Venice .
71 ‘ I had to leave , ’ he said heavily , ‘ because my conscience dictated that I inform on the Nazis . ’
72 Well , you 've had all you 're getting , my sweet little stepsister , and that 's the reason I 'm here today — to assure you that I intend to finally put an end to your grubby manoeuvres to extract money from my family ! ’
73 I opened two bottles that I retrieved from the sticky mess on the cabin floor .
74 ‘ I have to admit that I prefer to be in charge of any given situation .
75 All that can be said for certain is that I respond to all of it — vixen , trees , plants , birds , the lot — but it does not respond to me . ’
76 Therefore , it is against that back-cloth , that I respond to these orchestrated criticisms and express my views on the man I have come to know as a friend and a very good colleague .
77 ‘ Well then , I 'll take it , ’ he said , ‘ because it 's all I have to prove that I come of good family .
78 I find it very difficult to accept the immigrant people and children that I come into contact with .
79 Now in the period that I come into it would be the First World War , when we had er , of course in these days , the thing we always , to look at the motor trade then , it was a follow up from the carriage trade .
80 ‘ I realise that I come into the picture as a relative , and I do feel natural interest and concern for my great-uncle .
81 ‘ Do you want that I come with you ? ’
82 The Theban Herald clearly finds this almost incomprehensible : The city that I come from lives under command Of one man , not a rabble The common man !
83 I 'm not er a great fan of the monarchy , although that I would say that I come from a family which is , devoted a large portion of it 's life in service and work to the royal family .
84 Erm I 'm not gon na mention that sort of little village in the north that I come from but on page twelve I do notice that thousand pounds .
85 Did n't happen any town that I knew of except London and I can understand why they did it in London — very expensive place for a young detective to make a shape — cost too much money keeping in front of your job there .
86 As for the old houses , there were none in the immediate area that I knew of , other than these which had been built as a nostalgic memento , as a reminder , as a gift both to himself and his family from a man who must have known innately that in discarding the past his people were in danger of losing their touchstone .
87 One of the most interesting cases that Maureen came across that I knew of was a peregrine falcon .
88 There had n't been any lapses in my security that I knew of .
89 It is hard to imagine the effect water can have on the lives of normal everyday people , there were about six or seven houses that I knew of that almost completely wrecked .
90 Not in the same way that I knew of his brother , who made money in biscuits and owned a gleaming Daimler car which he drove very cautiously over the potholes in the road outside our house .
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