Example sentences of "over the years [pers pn] have " in BNC.

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61 She had loved him , almost obsessively , since the age of sixteen and , though he had never in any way encouraged her , over the years she had built all her dreams around him .
62 But over the years she 'd studied hard — correspondence courses , night classes , anything she could lay her hands on .
63 ‘ It 's always the same person of course , although over the years she has had different names and come in various shapes and sizes .
64 Over the years she has managed to raise more support than any other branch in the West of Scotland .
65 Over the years it had become apparent that Constance considered Brian a person of little consequence and that , this being the case , she would not have minded if he had hired the Albert Hall to denounce her as a barbarian and certainly cared nothing for his kitchen sulks and drawing-room sarcasm .
66 Over the years it has produced a wide-ranging series of reports on abuses of power by the national brewers , many of which have led to action by central government .
67 Over the years it has become usual to rate small transformers for this sort of application in terms of rectified and smoothed d.c. outputs , but you ca n't always be sure of this and caution is advisable .
68 Over the years it has become apparent that certain questions are asked more often than others .
69 One of these types is the de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou and over the years it has attracted a long list of very satisfied customers .
70 Over the years it has received King George VI and Queen Elizabeth ( the present Queen Mother ) after the Coronation in 1937 ; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 after her own Coronation , and more recently the Prince and Princess of Wales on their first tour in 1981 .
71 When I started , I was very much on my own but over the years it has really caught on in Whaddon and now membership has trebled .
72 I 've never needed it , and over the years it has accumulated .
73 Its role was partly that of a forum , partly a catalyst , and partly that of an intellectual resource which feeds in ideas and information ; over the years it has developed an outstanding reputation for encouraging and sustaining an informed dialogue between local movements .
74 Thus , over the years it has been used to index reports , trade literature , periodical articles and other similar documents .
75 Over the years it has attracted add-in products , including collections of templates , and this means that it can be sometimes be used as a complete solution to common business problems .
76 Over the years it has been customary for the chairman to be re-elected for a second year .
77 Over the years it has developed an international reputation in research on student learning strategies , critical analysis of adult basic and overseas education , and in educational philosophy and policy .
78 Over the years it has settled down to the equivalent of ‘ dinner for two ’ , thus about £60 in 1990 in Greenock .
79 Over the years it has gone on such a long time .
80 She 'd say they 've just had a restaurant there , that would n't be so bad as a take away But getting back to the finances , I mean the Two Hundred Club over the years it has been in operation , I mean with what it gets this , what they get this year , supposing it 's not a thousand , supposing eight hundred , it might even be about eight thousand might n't it ?
81 And over the years it 's been possible to identify a number of factors produced by these bacteria that seem to make sense in terms of the pathology and the conditions .
82 but over the years it 's got loose and you 've probably fiddled and it did broken
83 But it 's all so ironic — if my little tinkering with her inhaler had n't led to her death nobody would have known that Doreen guessed — that I 'd been helping myself to the firm 's cash now and then — only piffling amounts over the years I 'd been with them , a few thousand here and there , just enough for some designer clothes and jewellery .
84 Over the years I 've been lucky enough to see pine martens , golden eagles , otters , blue hares , foxes and a huge variety of birds , including a snowy egret at Torridon , wildly off course from its African and European haunts .
85 Over the years I 've encountered a fair number of weird and wonderful marketing ideas , but perhaps none more eye-catching than Sony 's new mid-price ‘ Dinner Classics ’ series .
86 Q Over the years I 've accumulated a motley collection of kitchen knives , none of which are very sharp .
87 Over the years I 've noticed ‘ job-title consciousness ’ increasing dramatically .
88 Over the years I 've learnt to mistrust claims for better equipment based on small improvements in lab results , but the figures for the Aurora are in a different league .
89 Of course , over the years I 've got it down to a fine art .
90 Congress will recall that over the years I 've made references to the close working relationship , which was developing between G M B and our German colleagues .
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