Example sentences of "over the years [pers pn] have " in BNC.

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31 I do n't think the theatre 's ever been endowed with a great deal of fundings but one or two companies in the town that have been prepared to fund obviously the one that strikes me is Gilbey 's cos the Gilbey bar I mean that was funded and like they 've been over the years they have given money even fact as a sad note cos Gilbey 's have actually demised now erm General Portfolio have actually taken on the role in Harlow of funding many things if you actually look all most things that have sponsored until recently have been sponsored by General Portfolio so they 've been to the fore in er fundering funding .
32 Over the years they have significantly enhanced the quality of the education and the facilities available to our students .
33 Over the years they have come to dominate their geographic market .
34 Over the years they have been inducted into the Maori nation in New Zealand , a rare honour , have packed soccer stadiums in Uruguay and Chile which make Wembley look like a park pitch and have successfully led the way for numerous reggae bands to grab a slice of the American popular music market .
35 John Bratby R A A Retrospective , Gray Art Gallery , Clarence Road , Hartlepool ( Until April OVER the years they have been more than just good friends the Gray Art Gallery , in Hartlepool , and John Bratby , founder member of the ‘ Kitchen Sink School ’ , and , since 1971 , a full member of the Royal Academy .
36 He flattered himself that he was in some small part responsible for such blissful bizarrities , given that over the years he 'd brought all manner of influences through from the Succulent Rock .
37 Here Gehlen collected up the thousands of spools of microfilm that over the years he had painstakingly amassed as part of his record of Russian intelligence .
38 Over the years he had worked hard into the night , had attended every lecture and tutorial , had scarcely taken time to attend student functions such as debates , except that these gave him fresh ideas ; he never spoke at them .
39 Over the years he had acquired real skill in his hobby , and had exhibited some of his studies of Scottish scenery and wildlife ; his real passion was bird photography , and through the years he had amassed a remarkable collection of pictures .
40 Over the years he had become as used to the rocking and swaying of a train as an experienced sailor is to the pitching and rolling of a ship .
41 Over the years he had not only made himself a small fortune , but in the process gained something of a respectable reputation .
42 Physical fear was somewhere in his emotional vocabulary but over the years he had mislaid its meaning .
43 Over the years he had forged links with the Foreign and Home Offices , the crucial departments of Military Intelligence and the Government 's secret services .
44 Over the years he has appeared in The Stone Boy , The Outsiders , Rumblefish , The Cotton Club , Paradise Alley and , most memorably , as the down-and-out DJ in Jim Jarmusch 's Down By Law and the jinked hobo in Hector Babenco 's Ironweed .
45 Over the years he has played league cricket and county cricket for Sussex and Glamorgan with resounding success , and on his last trip to England thrilled the crowd with a magnificent display of strokemaking at the Oval , scoring 260 as Pakistan ran up the imposing total of 708 .
46 Over the years he has woven an intricate pattern of life in private and in business ; he has established a system of relationships which has the merit that it works .
47 Establishing the defence might be very important to the manufacturer if over the years he has supplied a lot of such gloves and a lot of wearers have suffered arthritis because of them .
48 Over the years he has done a marvellous job enthusiastically promoting the theatre and bringing world-class productions to local audiences in spite of the difficulties posed by the Troubles .
49 Joe , who was an outstanding goalkeeper in the Irish League and had a spell of management with Ards , has been looking after Ireland 's senior badminton players since the 1978 European championships in Preston and over the years he has had an excellent working relationship with the players , motivating them and looking after their fitness .
50 Over the years he has worked in a number of formulation and raw materials management roles .
51 began his career with in June 1950 as a maintenance electrician and over the years he has worked for at Wallingford , at Newark and from 1987 for at Gainsborough .
52 Over the years he has pieced together the plane 's last , dying moments from the second one of its engines caught fire .
53 Over the years she had become a stranger to us , her sisters tending to avoid her ; all but my mother , who still wrote to her at Christmas-time .
54 Over the years she had developed a discerning palate and acquired an encyclopaedic knowledge of the needs and habitat of vines , the locations of particular vineyards , the reliability of chateaux bottling and the suitability of a wine with a specific food .
55 Over the years she had grown to love him in a familiar , comfortable sort of way , though of late a change in temperament had made him difficult .
56 Over the years she had forced these thoughts from her mind , telling herself that her sons were the product of their father .
57 Her mother had once remarked that it was her opinion that Harry had actually caused Nathan 's idiocy in a fit of temper soon after he was born , and through whispered gossip over the years she had guessed that Tristram had become the focus of conflict between his parents and that he had found it increasingly necessary to defend both Nathan and his mother against his father 's violent outbursts of temper .
58 Over the years she had learned to stay two steps ahead of him .
59 It was n't that she had ever made a conscious decision to play the helpless female ; she just always looked as though she was in constant need of care and attention , and over the years she had found that it was far easier to allow people to think what they liked , because whenever she tried to be assertive , or explain that she was really quite competent , no one ever believed her .
60 Like everyone else even remotely connected with the Hochhauser Season ( and over the years she had listened to quite a few of Uncle Willi 's stories ) she had accepted the image of Gesner the seducer , the monster of conceit , the arrogant and selfish star of the company .
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