Example sentences of "over the years [pers pn] have " in BNC.

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91 Over the years I 've learned that you have this endearing ability to spot a chance to make a profit further than a leopard can spot a limp .
92 ‘ I always thought it would be marriage or nothing for you — especially after the way you 've kept men at arm 's length over the years I 've known you . ’
93 Well but I mean , Brian was saying himself you know he ca n't remember at least he 's says he 's been working down London when he has n't been earning a hundred pound a day you know , it 's something , we just accepted it , he said over the years I 've been earning a hundred pound a day he says , and that was it you know yo yo just do .
94 Over the years I had hooked and lost many , and finally decided that there were far better ways of spending my time than in pursuit of these fractious , unpredictable , unco-operative brutes .
95 Over the years I have had all sorts of lighter weight machines and I have gradually replaced them with either Wadkin or Robinson versions .
96 Over the years I have been able to spend many hours with individual singers .
97 Over the years I have observed the changes at first hand , with each new undergraduate intake , and have had to alter my terminology to suit .
98 OVER the years I have learned to stop wincing at the description of someone having a drink problem .
99 Over the years I have bought many Pearl recordings and although occasionally I find a particular passage hard to live with , I would find it difficult not to play any of the following at least twice a year : Otello with Martinelli/Tibbett ; Bruno Walter conducting Mahler in 1936 and 1938 ( Das Lied von der Erde and the Adagietto from Symphony No. 5 ) ; the pre-war Glyndebourne recordings with Busch ; the 1935 Vienna Rosenkavalier with Lotte Lehmann and Gerhard Hüsch singing Schubert 's Winterreise and Die Schöne Müllerin .
100 Over the years I have done all kinds of work with horses , hay-making , spreading and harrowing manure and hauling coal down from the road on a sledge .
101 Buddy Holly has been a very big influence to me ever since I was a kid and over the years I have read articles and watched documentaries about his life .
102 Over the years I have kept my distance from the white women 's movement .
103 Over the years I have found various types of hardness-free gravel available commercially , but in general these have been very pale in colour , consisting largely of quartz .
104 Over the years I have discovered that the subjects I enjoy doing most of all are not far from my home ; my garden , conservatory , figures usually doing something , are my favourites and my family and friends are commandeered regularly for this purpose .
105 Over the years I have developed a profound belief that the Foreign Office has criteria entirely its own .
106 Over the years I have had an interest in medical matters and have been involved from a legal viewpoint on a number of occasions .
107 This , on my part , was a massive concession , since over the years I have almost without exception refused to indulge in self-publicising on the box .
108 Seriously , over the years I have seen Annabelle develop many talents and accomplishments .
109 Item No 1 : over the years I have seen dozens of these items yet , I have still not discovered their true purpose .
110 Over the years I have had a few interesting experiences with computer hardware .
111 So , Sir , I have been able to reflect on the inherent good sense of the people of Worcester over the years I have been privileged to be the Member for that constituency .
112 Over the years I have listened to many forceful speeches by the right hon. Gentleman , who always speaks common sense , and I have often agreed with him .
113 Alas , over the years I have become far too familiar with your greedy , grasping little ways . ’
114 Over the years I have built up a collection of around 1,700 . ’
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