Example sentences of "[noun] [noun pl] all over the " in BNC.

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31 Because of the specialist nature of the hospital , patients come from all over the country and the CAB spends much of its time chasing up patients ' benefits , contacting DHSS offices all over the country .
32 He remembered kicking cornflowers and moon daisies all over the little square garden .
33 And I popped out to the shop on Sunday the second of November and came back totally and utterly bemused to see them putting a christmas tree up and father christmas in the window and fairy lights all over the place .
34 Now the Network has over 100 local organisers , many of them recruited from the ranks of sports development officers all over the country , who are only too keen to incorporate running for women as part of their programme .
35 This is good news , because now water levels all over the country are rising so fast , it means the banks will be spared from the scouring effects of a hard winter .
36 Well that particular subject of course is er er still a matter which is discussed with great heat er in the crew rooms all over the Royal Air Force .
37 I lived in Hastings getting up at dawn every day to teach part-time in art colleges all over the country .
38 Around three trains per week were accepted by this shop , all carrying horse-drawn vehicles , coming from Goods Depots all over the country : Camden , Broad Street , Curzon Street etc , whereas it was the rule that road motors came and went under their own power delivered and accepted by the drivers from the depots concerned .
39 He obtained the second by pretending to trip over an unseen obstacle , which inadvertently threw him against the foreman , knocking him to the ground and depositing his daily schedule papers all over the floor .
40 A slimmer ARCO with a more heavily weighted local flavour is a pattern reflected in art fairs all over the world .
41 On this basis , precious resources have been allocated to mass literacy campaigns all over the Third World .
42 Of course there 's another erm respect in which education systems all over the world behave in an uncannily similar way .
43 Saunders is having to adapt its sales policy in order to reach its new customers : the company intends to run roadshow events all over the country to try to attract local buyers .
44 Once every 120 years , Chinese umbrella bamboos all over the world simultaneously burst into flower , spread their seed , and then die .
45 There are NHS family planning clinics all over the country .
46 There are NHS family planning clinics all over the country .
47 There are NHS family planning clinics all over the country .
48 NLD offices all over the country were raided .
49 He said the drawbacks of such a system were the need for a safe storage depot for the wheelchairs , and the cost of installing drop kerbs all over the town centre .
50 In the same period a man with seventeen years of experience as apprentice and officer in tankers , passenger- and tramp steamers all over the world was at the height of a career as a popular author of tales which bore the legend ‘ a story for boys ’ on title-pages as well as on dust-jackets .
51 There were cigarette burns all over the body and knife cuts , including what appeared to be a rough inscription , on Antonio 's back .
52 ‘ Similar visits are being made to RMBK plants all over the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe .
53 Many times over the years , I have contacted radio or television stations all over the world to propose a client to appear on a show .
54 Television viewers all over the world will now see the quality of the entertainment we provide and also northerners doing what they like best enjoying themselves .
55 It would be a tragedy if the use of violence or any confusion introduced by irregular elements on the picket lines were to divide and deflect the support given by responsible trade unionists all over the country aimed at achieving an early and a peaceful solution to this problem .
56 Amidst a blaze of publicity , the resolution was quickly taken up by student bodies all over the country .
57 Over the past few months , I and members of the campaign team visited depositors and BCCI staff members all over the world .
58 Got ta be careful when I 'm cooking , I shall have to have the window open me I 've got smoke alarms all over the place darling which is good in a flat .
59 Television cameras all over the place recorded everything both for news items that evening and for the two-hour Support Canadian Racing programme which posters everywhere announced was being made for a gala showing coast to coast after the triple had been completed in Vancouver .
60 This success is something to share with the company 's business partners , host economies , shareholders , employees and , of course , drinkers of quality beers all over the world .
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