Example sentences of "[noun] [noun pl] all over the " in BNC.

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61 Gang members all over the audience knew our reputation .
62 An intensive bout of lobbying by both sides followed during the next month , both in New York and in capital cities all over the world .
63 MONEY raised through the Church of Ireland 's Bishops ' Appeal will go towards relief projects all over the world .
64 Similarly , it would seem that an excessive amount of expensive building work is being put into palatial Government offices all over the country .
65 Though he started with wrestling and all girl revues , by 1930-he was presenting variety bills at music halls all over the country .
66 With his daughter Antionette he performed in music halls all over the country .
67 They are laid as eggs in river tributaries all over the northern hemisphere .
68 There are sealed for life bearings all over the valve gear and coupling rods .
69 its not , you ca n't , the thing is you ca n't defend them without how you die , you ca n't train people how to avo to die , you can only train them how to avoid it , so it does n't really matter if you get fired or not , but they show you the drills and you have to do them to the best of your ability the blank rounds are only there to the conditions , now this is why they 've got these laser got laser sights all over the body , helmet and torso and the actual weapons got a laser on top and you get , if you get near one of these things you go dead and your out , and you can actually simulate
70 ‘ If they like them so much , why not put them on tape for posterity ? ’ , said Elizabeth who produces children 's song festivals all over the province .
71 Once the equipment is ready , it 's packed for export to Oxford centres all over the world .
72 Using funds raised in public capital markets all over the world , 3i is a major force in the provision of share and loan capital to unquoted British companies .
73 His other interests are all sound-orientated too ; he owns recording studios all over the region , for instance — that sort of thing , with the emphasis on sound as a commodity .
74 Who is working at top levels within health authorities all over the country to improve maternity services for all those other mothers out there ?
75 With the growing interest in waterlilies enthusiasts all over the world are producing new varieties every year .
76 In many training organisations all over the world , student pilots get no training at all with this kind of problem .
77 The 21 independent local radio stations all over the Republic claim they are getting audiences of up to three million listeners each week .
78 You can hear the frogs , of course , revving up in the shallows , but not the rare great crested newts , which occasionally turn up in garden ponds all over the place .
79 ‘ I forced myself to write a chapter or two about the good things he did : getting rid of dead wood in the bureau ; eliminating corruption among his agents ; setting up a fingerprint system , an FBI laboratory that could serve as a technical resource for police forces all over the country .
80 Earlier , Det Sgt John Clark had said he had been involved in meetings with other police forces all over the country after a number of raids on TSB branches in which cash dispensers were forced open using oxy-acetylene equipment .
81 Book publishers all over the world have joined the rugby boom , producing a record number of books .
82 As railway systems all over the world have contracted , so the great stations have been threatened and in many places destroyed .
83 Marconi died in Rome 20 July 1937 ; the next day , radio transmitters all over the world fell silent for two minutes .
84 Since railways were built anywhere , they could not necessarily rely on a local labour-force , but developed a corps of nomadic labourers ( known in Britain as the ‘ navvies ’ ) , such as still characterises the great construction projects all over the world .
85 Despite the outcry from MG enthusiasts all over the world , the last MGB came off the production line in October 1981 .
86 At present I run evening and day classes in Devon as well as weekend workshops all over the British Isles .
87 The author , Jane Pettigrew , has taken traditional recipes from Trust properties all over the British Isles and combined them with a fascinating account of the development of tea-drinking in this country , ever since Catharine of Braganza brought over a tea chest from Portugal as part of her dowry on her marriage to Charles II .
88 Heritage Weekend is being celebrated at National Trust properties all over the province on Saturday and Sunday , including Castle Ward near Strangford where the newly-restored cornmill will be producing flour , just as it did in its heyday , on both days ( 2.30pm-5pm ) .
89 It is still probably one of the main causes of fatal gliding accidents all over the world .
90 Years later when I became chairman of the medical missions of SPG , I realised how in mission hospitals all over the world , the same devoted healing mission was being carried on , which spoke much more eloquently of divine and human love than the preaching of less qualified friends like myself .
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