Example sentences of "[noun] [noun pl] all over the " in BNC.

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1 Varig knows Brazil best , being able to serve you efficiently through 170 branch offices all over the country , with connecting flights to 77 large towns and leading cities in Brazil and South America .
2 Mr R. Bore , superintendent of Saltley Works , took charge of carriage building at Wolverton Works , the first carriage superintendent of the L & NWR , all carriage activities all over the system coming under his control .
3 She has been invited to speak at conferences and study days all over the country .
4 Aid agencies all over the world have tried to ease their situation , but more immediate help has come from a Hereford farmer .
5 Contributors to Applied Linguistics are drawn from a wide variety of teaching and research backgrounds all over the world .
6 According to Sarah Griffiths , UK Public Relations Manager , ‘ It has been creating a storm of interest at department stores all over the country . ’
7 The Super-Jug is manufactured by ABC Plastics Ltd and is on sale now price #l .20 in hardware and department stores all over the country .
8 With work on her first feature film The Delinquents behind her and a new collection of singles successfully launched with ‘ Hand On Your Heart ’ topping charts all over the globe , Kylie herself was busy adding her own mystique to this great debate .
9 To return to football hooliganism in Britain itself , it is clear that the existence of ‘ ends ’ at football grounds all over the country plays a central part in maintaining working-class boys ' street-based culture .
10 Just what I need all your filthy fingers and , and mouth marks all over the glass top of the door .
11 WHITE LIGHTNIN , Lefty Gardner 's famous 38L Lightning N25Y , well-known for its airshow appearances all over the USA , is to be included in the Rick Cole Reno Warbird and Classic Aircraft Auction on September 18/19 ( see September 's FlyPast , p45 ) .
12 During the war she toured initially with a small company of Sadler 's Wells artists all over the country and then helped to keep the company alive by undertaking its management at a time when its very existence was threatened .
13 The plant now sends ice lollies all over the world .
14 French players , former players and tennis fans all over the world are being invited to sign a petition in support of the expanded facilities and there is certainly a familiar name at the top of the list — France 's recently resigned Davis Cup captain , Yannick Noah .
15 But the council said the Government 's decision to repatriate had profound implications for asylum seekers all over the world and added that it was ‘ utterly appalled ’ by the action taken furtively in Hong Kong .
16 He 's appeared at folk festivals all over the land and is in constant demand for club work .
17 You 've got telephone points all over the house .
18 The chap in question went to his car one day and found burn marks all over the bodywork .
19 The other evening when we had our group meetings you can just walk in that side door , you can go virtually anywhere in this building unchallenged because we ca n't have security guards all over the place .
20 In the past year I 've been invited by many of you to meet branch members and to make shop visits all over the United Kingdom .
21 And Allied Signal Corp chairman Lawrence Bossidy has initiated the UK ‘ manufacturing versus services ’ debate in the US , suggesting that for those that believe that IBM Corp should be making more , cheaper rather than shuttering factories all over the place , he might have been the right man for the job : US industry ‘ can not slash its way to prosperity , ’ he told the new Design & Manufacturing Institute of the Stevens Institute of Technology — adding that while design innovation is a US strength , ‘ we need to extend US technological excellence from the design laboratory to the manufacturing floor — American business needs to find ways to improve the speed with which we convert innovative design into high-quality , marketable product ; many of our factory floors are populated by high-school graduates or dropouts , with a few engineers serving as supervisors safely ensconced behind glass walls , ’ Bossidy said , where Japanese shop floors are staffed much more by graduate engineers who work directly with well-trained workers , to solve problems and improve manufacturing efficiency .
22 Called Did You Know ? the video is a light-hearted introduction to Courtaulds products which has been seen by Group businesses all over the world .
23 I have business interests all over the world . ’
24 A million nature lovers all over the country are being asked to show how much they care for the countryside in an innovative challenge from the RSPB .
25 Amnesty sections all over the world include the Prisoner Letter Writing Campaign cases in the magazines and newssheets they publish in many other languages , from Faroe to Banlga .
26 The fact that community nurses all over the country are tearing around between 7.30 and 9.30 in the morning giving one dose of insulin after another is almost always dictated by the needs of each client to receive insulin at that time of day .
27 The event takes place in swimming pools all over the country until Sunday .
28 All these kids are growing up , yeah , thinking there 's this bunny dropped eggs , Easter eggs all over the place
29 He joined a syndicate which invested in the insurance market … underwriting policies all over the world , from family cars to ships ' cargoes .
30 It has been reproduced in millions and has served as the model for metro maps all over the world .
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