Example sentences of "[pers pn] [verb] [verb] " in BNC.

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31 Then she said : ‘ So you see , I 'm making myself as unpleasant as I can — and I assure you I can ! — to make them want to get rid of me as soon as possible . ’
32 What was it about the name that made them want to funk on down and start praising the Lord ?
33 The horrors of war made them want to prevent conflict .
34 Only the decrees of the Council are preserved , seventy-one in all , and nearly all of them became incorporated in the Church 's authoritative collection of the canon law compiled in 1234 .
35 As they became established , shares in many of them became quoted on the Stock Exchange .
36 It was a modest success in its own way , enabling me to risk becoming a full-time freelance , and I shall always be grateful for that .
37 Me daring to negotiate conditions , under those circumstances .
38 But I suspect that the unhappiness at home threw me even deeper into my ornithology , and made me want to spend more and more time with birds .
39 I liked him , and he was different from other boys , not at all pushy , except pushy to please I suppose , but even that was sweet in a way — it made me want to say , it 's all right , do n't fret so much , I 'm having a perfectly nice time , slow down .
40 ‘ It makes me want to say , forget it , I do n't want it any more , or say , next year is definitely my last year .
41 He makes me change , he makes me want to dance round him , bewilder him , dazzle him , dumbfound him .
42 The gloom that fell upon me was deep enough to make me want to die .
43 Certainly his terse telephone technique had annoyed me last night , but not enough to make me want to spit at the sight of him .
44 That study , more than anything else probably , made me want to see what we could do in making services more adaptable and appropriate and comprehensive . ’
45 There 's something about them that makes me want to see them glazed with passion — ’
46 It makes me want to puke , except I did enough of that last Saturday night !
47 My own tears , hot noisy gulping that burns and blotches , that neither you nor any of the women in the group is going to offer to staunch , tears of anger for myself and all of us , anger with the women in the group for making me face up to what I 'm doing to you , for making me want to take out those dusty bundles of old stories from where they 've lain for my lifetime tied up with pink ribbon and reread them and throw them away .
48 And yet , wrote Harsnet , it is this which excites me , this which makes me want to go on .
49 The river bottom was ridged sand , a difficult and unkind footing , that combined with the cold and the rush to make me want to go fast while forcing me to go slow .
50 It nearly killed them to acknowledge my existence and they only spoke in monosyllables when I was present , but the babble of sound which broke out every time I went out and closed the door behind me was enough to make me want to go rushing straight to Miss Malley to beg her to send me back to my friends .
51 It made me want to go and live in San Francisco . ’
52 ‘ That man makes me want to go and live in San Francisco , ’ said Mum .
53 But it was actually hearing Duane Allman that made me want to go for a powerful kind of electric sound .
54 When she returned , her soldier grunted , ‘ You 've made me want to go .
55 ‘ Watching you wee-wee made me want to go , too , ’ she giggled .
56 Something made me want to touch you .
57 ‘ The very thought of it makes me want to press the panic button , crawl under the bed and call for HRT , ’ says one friend .
58 ‘ The very thought of reaching 50 makes me want to press the panic button , crawl under the bed and call for HRT ’
59 ‘ This weather makes me want to sneeze , ’ she said , and blew her nose vigorously .
60 Kirishima is nothing like Dana , but he has that male charisma which makes me want to lie in his arms — I feel safer just gloating over his superb body on the television screen .
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