Example sentences of "[pers pn] [verb] [verb] " in BNC.

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61 And I believe that with the privileges that come to those who benefit most from the capitalist system there are obligations , and so the combination of that latter thought makes me want to do something about the inner cities , plus a revulsion at waste and hopelessness and dereliction and concern which is self-evident in some of these older towns and cities .
62 I hate it when people cry , cos it makes me want to do the same thing .
63 It made me want to slap his face .
64 I do n't know how they 've done it but the typography on the signs makes me want to pronounce the word Edin-burg , and I live in the place , for God 's sake .
65 I 'd stare at him and he 'd stare back at me and it made me want to shoot myself .
66 but when I was eleven years old I did n't look at the sixth form and do jus just because they were doing something I wanted to do it , I might have admired them but if they were smoking that would n't make me want to smoke .
67 ‘ I 've got that ego that makes me want to jump up and down , ’ he explains later .
68 ‘ I 've got that ego that makes me want to jump up and down , ’ he explains later .
69 ‘ I 've got that ego that makes me want to jump up and down , ’ he explains later .
70 ‘ I 've got that ego that makes me want to jump up and down , ’ he explains later .
71 Just looking at his fishy staring eyes and open mouth made me want to keep silent .
72 I got on my bike and went back to the house a bit recklessly , shooting through puddles on the path and taking the Jump — a bit on the path where there 's a long downhill on a dune and then a short uphill where it 's easy to leave the ground — at a good forty kilometres per hour , landing with a muddy thump that nearly had me in the whin bushes and left me with a very sore bum , making me want to keep opening my mouth with the feeling of it .
73 That makes me want to believe .
74 But his own political outlook was also vital : ‘ Those influences made me want to write a history of the game 's toilers , the hired labourers .
75 You have n't shocked me , you have n't horrified me , you have n't made me want to cry yet
76 But being happy always makes me want to buy things .
77 It makes me want to kiss them . ’
78 There is an inexplicable rightness about it which makes me want to look at it for ages .
79 ‘ When I first saw the portrait , though the clasp did n't consciously register , my subconscious must have picked it up , because something I could n't pin down nagged at me , and made me want to look again . ’
80 Perhaps it is this point of political reassessment ; perhaps it is because I am mid-way through my life — the time when the past stretches widespread enough to contemplate , and the future is no longer infinite — which makes me want to catch memories .
81 I am a great fan of rave music yet the lyrics have never made me want to try the drug .
82 It makes me want to bring sanity into an insane land .
83 ‘ My mother , ’ said Bernard , suddenly , talkative at last , ‘ is a mean-spirited , disgusting bitch ; a big fat mammy , and to think that I was born from between her legs makes me want to vomit .
84 Even the inside of a plastic bag makes me want to vomit , with its musty smell of lumber or the back room of a small shop .
85 Queasy from 40ml and smack and so much wine , his stench makes me want to vomit .
86 It just makes me want to vomit the way she does that .
87 ‘ I did n't until I met you , but loving you made me want to know how twins could be so different .
88 But I repeated them in Ezra Pound. : Poet as Sculptor , and nothing that has come to my notice since , including an erudite and adulatory article on these cantos by David Gordon in Paideuma 4 ( 1975 ) , has made me want to retract my words or change my mind .
89 I just find those subject the easiest to deal with : on the one hand , they 're the most tangible feelings I have to pull out of myself ; on the other , they make me want to make a stronger statement when I ultimately do that .
90 When the ‘ Robert Johnson , Father of the Delta Blues ’ album came out , that was one of the main things that made me want to play slide .
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