Example sentences of "[pers pn] [verb] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 So he taught me to drive see and It was much easier then you see with a car .
2 Th they wo n't pay for them to go swimming
3 When efforts to persuade them to go proved fruitless , the building began to be demolished around their heads .
4 Erm it seems to me that the emphasis has changed slightly in the representations being made by the West Yorkshire authorities and that they 're now saying that it 's much more difficult for them to accommodate housing developments within their own er districts .
5 It is not two years since a rag-tag group of about 200 men , few of them daring to wear their Soviet uniforms , gathered in the Kiev building that housed a short-lived nationalist government in 1917–18 , to found the Ukrainian Officers Union .
6 Cos people often used to say to me because I 'd , I 'd played everything you could play except golf , and , and er , and I , I , people used to say you did two men 's work and you I , I met a chap one day , this was an instance , I 'm not trying to blow me trumpet do n't think that at all .
7 Yet for them crusading necessitated no large leap of the imagination , no millenarian vision ; it was simply a challenging and a deserving extension of their everyday activities .
8 More commonly , he will have been given power to make laws , subject only to the controlling authority of one or both Houses of Parliament to unmake them , or to withhold the endorsement necessary for them to continue to enjoy the force of law .
9 Solicitors will not need to be reminded that for them to continue to act despite a conflict of interest is a breach of their duty to the court .
10 Some mountain farmers were looking more and more to tourism to provide the extra income necessary to allow them to continue living on their farms .
11 It seems likely that the apparent increase in the residential segregation of the elderly since the inter-war period reflects both the substantial rise in the housing stock in recent years ( from 16.2 million to 20.5 million units between 1961 and 1981 ) and the increased financial resources of elderly people , which together have allowed more of them to continue to live private and independent lives .
12 He wanted them to continue to distrust each other , continue to irritate .
13 The complexities of these situations are shown by the case of an applicant and his family who left what was described as an ‘ overcrowded tin or galvanised structure with no basic amenities ’ in Bangladesh and who were treated as intentionally homeless by one London borough ( who considered that it was reasonable for them to continue to occupy that accommodation ) but not intentionally homeless by a second London borough who referred the applicant back to the first .
14 I urge them to continue to meet the necessary level of funding to maintain and update where necessary what has been achieved .
15 They sold their assets — empty sites , empty schools , council houses — in the hope this would permit them to continue to build with the money .
16 Canada was valued because it would bring peace and security to the American colonies and would allow them to continue to increase their imports of British goods in a much more tranquil continent .
17 Garden staff are often approached by visitors with requests for information , and we would wish to encourage them to continue to provide such a service , provided that this assistance does not interfere with their normal work .
18 " I always obey my father without question as I did today , and all I ask is that you help me to continue to do that . "
19 To this the Queen returned a gracious reply which while maintaining the full impartiality of the Crown encouraged me to continue to do my best to serve her as her First Minister .
20 One way of addressing this is for me to continue to highlight some of the views of colleagues who have not , in the public mind at least , been closely associated with the anti-Federalist cause and several of whom were not , for instance , among the eighty-odd Conservative Members who signed one or both of the ‘ Fresh Start ’ Motions .
21 He stands in the doorway , forcing me to continue dripping in the hall , and says :
22 Leaving me to continue cleaning up , my husband climbed the ladder into the roof space to see what the situation was there .
23 In Acme Transport v Betts [ 1981 ] 1 Lloyd 's Rep 131 , at p134 , Cumming Bruce LJ said that the Court of Appeal " were indebted to the judgment and tact of Counsel in that neither of them sought to confine us by referring to authority on the meaning of other exemption clauses in other contexts " .
24 Lady Hamilton ( 1941 , That Hamilton Woman in US ) , which Korda made in America with Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier , works most of the time as a love story , but the messages that constantly obtrude about men whose ‘ insane ambition ’ makes them want to destroy what others had built are not organic to the main narrative .
25 What , then , makes them want to do it ?
26 They were similar types : happy , uncomplicated , but with an undercurrent of seriousness that made them want to take different directions , see with their own eyes , not other people 's .
27 You have to make them want to die . ’
28 Fear of the owl makes the birds want to flee and anger at its obtrusive presence makes them want to attack .
29 Good advertising communicates the right message to the right people at the right time in a way that will interest or amuse them , but above all make them want to buy the product , service , or even " idea " .
30 so all that writing is actually surrounding your picture is n't it , you 've come up with your sensational picture and then you surround your sensational picture with your writing , I was saying to him with these little sub-headings like trapped , right , cost , holiday , okay which actually keep your reader hooked and make them want to read on .
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