Example sentences of "give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Film and Filming magazine said the film had given everyone an insight into the thinking of Corman and Nicholson .
2 The Coalisland — Dungannon march had given everyone a good day out and had used up a lot of their energy by the time the moment of confrontation arrived .
3 The camcorder has given everyone the chance to star in their own home movies .
4 It 's given everyone at the club a lift . ’
5 He had always done that at his pre-production party , given everyone a carnation to wear , but this time he had overreached himself .
6 ‘ The nature garden has given everyone a lift and will be somewhere that the children can enjoy . ’
7 Martyn referred to Miller 's use of works by those better versed in scientific aspects of gardening , to whom due acknowledgment is given , and concluded with an appreciation of the author 's own industry : ‘ As to the practical part , he has given t is hardly anything but from his own knowledge and of the great number of plants mentioned in his book there are scarce any which he has not cultivated with his own hands . ’
8 Winning the John Moores would have given me just the confidence I needed .
9 Tried working through the Alekhine Paz had given me , but even chess filled me with disgust .
10 Anyway , Jeff had now given me something new — something really important to me .
11 I passed over the cheque my landlord had given me .
12 Suddenly it struck me just how much protection my past had given me , particularly the university lecturer bit of it .
13 Just us , fair and dark , peas in a pod , little and large ( well , I exaggerate here , she 's smaller , more slender ; but then Jeff , he 's given me new trust in my ass ) .
14 I was neither Jew nor English nor white , or even a proper Indian or a proper Pakistani ; but my travels through Europe and stay in the USA and my near acceptance there as a living entity capable of suffering pain and enjoying pleasure had temporarily given me a sort of quasi-human status , further aggravated by those willing to be my sexual partners ; I had become spoilt and pampered .
15 Mother would have given me a cuddle , and she was n't given to cuddles .
16 Perhaps he thought that , and he 'd given me the slip .
17 For that very denial had , in fact , given me far more .
18 It had given me a world of wonder and time to draw it all in .
19 He has remarked , ‘ No other phase of my academic life has given me so much pleasure and instruction . ’
20 He added : ‘ The Chinese students have given me great hope for the future of China and Tibet .
21 ‘ I have also discussed the situation with the Football League and put the full facts to them and they have given me clear advice .
22 This Church has also given me new faith .
23 But this new research has given me just the ammunition I need .
24 I was still chewing on the chunk of meat Taff had given me .
25 With a long journey ahead of me every morning and evening , I do n't hang about , and this is the first petrol-engined car I 've used that has given me over 45mpg on a run .
26 Could the product itself have given me dandruff ?
27 Stamford have given me a list of local McCloys and there again not a sniff as far as they know .
28 ‘ We 'll discuss tackling that lot later , once the platoon commanders have given me their expected manpower availability for the next week … . ’
29 ‘ My hosts have driven me down the avenue and given me the figures .
30 This — ’ he waved his hand — ‘ this has given me true inspiration .
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