Example sentences of "give [pron] " in BNC.

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31 Lewis felt ‘ as if you had given me a bottle of champagne …
32 It 's given me plenty of ideas for when I next go shopping in London , New York , Los Angeles , Bangkok , wherever .
33 The fact that the hordes of reporters who live in the burrows of the Palace of Westminster got it wrong — and have since tried to justify getting it wrong — has given me , and many of my friends who knew the score pretty accurately before the result , much quiet pleasure over the last few days .
34 He told the throng : ‘ The people of Punjab have given me a lot of love …
35 He told the throng : ‘ The people of Punjab have given me a lot of love …
36 It 's given me an incredible new perspective on what life is , and what it 's worth .
37 ‘ And all the incredible holes he puts in me , all the fear he creates in me , has given me such an awesome respect for life .
38 The eyes alone could never have given me so profound a sense of Spring , of Maytime and the blossoming of hawthorn upon the heaths and wild cherry at the border of the beech copses .
39 Sometimes she claimed that the wine her friend had brought was ‘ sweeter than any you have given me ’ .
40 You 've given me a heck of a lot of ammunition . ’
41 You wrote and told me to ring — presumably you were too mean to ring me — but you had n't given me the number .
42 I was very unhappy there , away from the love and warmth Madame had always given me , and the love affair that accompanied the change soon turned cold : Alan exhibited a certain kind of treachery , casually throwing me over for someone else who ‘ was better in bed ’ .
43 But they had never mentioned these despicable attacks to me ; they had kept cheerful faces and shown me all the love and care they had always given me , their prodigal son .
44 In Salamanca , as a parting present , Dana had given me two of his most beloved treasures , two books of Chinese prints and ink drawings .
45 You have been a good friend to me when there was no one else ; and you have given me back my health .
46 You 've given me an idea .
47 Unwelcomed , unwanted , despised and dug out , they had added a new dimension to my life , given me another self and I wanted never to go from Claro .
48 They put in my real balance which was something like £7.50 — but they 'd given me their stamp .
49 Certainly , the illness would have given me plenty of opportunities to make strings of fireworks fizzle and explode in bright , whirling wheels of sulphurous pain in and behind Miller 's word-jellied eyeballs .
50 She had given me this book , Period , and she says that how you feel about your first period affects you all your life , it affects your self-image , so it 's very important .
51 Slattery 's the travel people , have given me an open ticket , so I can cross the water any day I feel like .
52 A woman I know has given me the name of a midwife who will come and otherwise I shall have to engage a nurse for the shortest time possible since I can not be without assistance when my time comes .
53 Ronnie 's news , I found , had given me a good deal more confidence in Fringe than I had had on Drifter , illogical though it might be .
54 He 's given me his home number . ’
55 If you had only given me my wife and children : Dayenu ! ’
56 Both have given me a remarkable insight into the events they portray .
57 ‘ My first priority is to feed my wife and two children , but the German win has given me respite of about 13 months to consider medals rather than money .
58 ‘ My parents had given me a little electric keyboard for my fourth birthday , and I quickly learnt to play the tunes in the manual .
59 That experience , which has brought me to the province so often , has given me a very deep sense of admiration for the resilience and warmth of the people . ’
60 That night I spent the ten dollars Papa had given me .
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