Example sentences of "we [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Wonder if we can put that on the bottom , ca n't we somewhere ?
2 At the edge of the glacier we thankfully prised off our crampons ; the end of 17 hours climbing .
3 Most of the electrics went off the board with damp and the violent motion by the time we thankfully dropped anchor off Clovelly near the Bristol Class Lifeboat on station there .
4 Mr Eliot has lived abroad so long that we rarely think of him as an American and he is never written about from the point of view of his relation to other American authors .
5 We rarely played close to the building which , when not lit up , had something of the baleful haunted house about it .
6 We rarely took a vote sitting around the board table .
7 In one hospital in an area with a large proportion of Bangladeshis , the Hospital Secretary told me ‘ We rarely need interpreters but we have a list of members of staff who speak various foreign languages ’ — for Bengali there was a porter and a cook — both male .
8 It is worth recalling that even at the height of Britain 's imperial power we rarely tried to go it alone .
9 At Beechgrove we rarely do any autumn sowing , even with flowering annuals .
10 One of a horse 's most important forms of communication is one we rarely consider .
11 We rarely have been in a position where he has had the confidence to go for it , ’ said Gray .
12 It is as if Hahnemann takes it for granted that we all understand the importance of quantity , as well as potency , when administering a remedy , but this seems almost a revolutionary concept to us as we rarely consider this factor when using both low and high potency centesimal remedies .
13 We are what we eat has become such a cliché that we rarely stop to think about it nowadays .
14 We rarely saw its summit , lost as it would be in thick mist , but its mystery made it all the more attractive and seductive .
15 We rarely find one who provides answers to all our questions , meets all our expectations and generally measures up to perfection !
16 Now , apart from the noise and pollution , a petrol-driven outboard is usually unnecessary for punt fishing , for we rarely use a punt to reach very distant areas .
17 I used to fish there with some friends several years ago and we rarely caught less than 100lbs in a session .
18 First and foremost , we have to understand that we rarely fear what we have found to be true .
19 The main problem is that we rarely know what we really want .
20 Even then , we rarely realize that many ailments are directly , or indirectly , brought about by the way in which we think and move .
21 For many years we rarely saw any wild-caught Cichlasoma , but this is no longer the case .
22 But the fact is in the hustle and bustle of the production of a large magazine we rarely use them .
23 Having grown up surrounded ( almost bombarded ) by spoken language , we rarely think about it .
24 Not surprisingly , we rarely identified our clients as being martyrs .
25 The first preserved is dated 10 June 1953 ; afterwards we rarely dated our letters .
26 We rarely even had his private address .
27 Our adversary lets us out from time to time , to visit other houses , but we rarely enter with power and authority into the heart of the city .
28 The reader who has survived so far may recall that during my wartime service in the Navy I had nursed a great curiosity about the enemy we rarely saw , and that I had promised myself that at some time in the future I would find out more about them , the ships they had fought in and the sort of people they were .
29 We rarely see the Old Testament as a whole and little attention is paid to the system of political economy which is set up under divine instruction in the Pentateuch .
30 We rarely see him and not many people know he is here . ’
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