Example sentences of "we [adv] " in BNC.

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31 As GRAMOPHONE readers know , CD prices are substantially lower in America than in the UK , and while we rarely complain about this it does raise the number of units which must be sold to reach the break-even point on a particular recording : this in turn discourages risk-taking on limited appeal issues .
32 In the Bible we rarely possess two or more parallel documents where we can see how one writer used another as his source .
33 And this is one of the things we rarely do .
34 We rarely had anything else .
35 We rarely if ever have in mind a circumstance described as a single event or whatever , but the possibility is not to be excluded by our definition .
36 And as I continued to think about how we rarely get the measure of little children , I suddenly realized why they 'd been making so much din .
37 And we rarely have roast beef . ’
38 They are the daily fare of our news bulletins , but we rarely stop to think about their relevance for our own state .
39 No relationship is without conflict yet we rarely talk honestly about the faults of the person who has died .
40 They flicker into brief existence , sometimes with a name attached , sometimes not ; we rarely know when or how they were acquired , and when or how they died .
41 We rarely make love any more
42 We rarely see each other but since their rotten tree blew down , smashing the fence and my bulbs , it 's been hard not to .
43 Perhaps this is the reason why we rarely if ever find a prayer in the New Testament addressed to the Spirit .
44 London we passed through , on our way to and from school , but except during the half-term " long leave " from Eton we rarely spent a night there .
45 In the field of ideas we rarely design transition ideas : ideas that are never meant to be permanent .
46 We rarely sit down to challenge some assumption we have always used .
47 We rarely challenge a conclusion we have derived from experience .
48 We rarely challenge our habitual way of doing something .
49 As with everything else we rarely design for trouble or failure because that would threaten our confidence regarding success .
50 Anyway , then he got sick- and I do n't remember any more : he was upstairs , and we rarely saw him .
51 For stable samples we rarely need to obtain spectra in a hurry , and commercial spectrometers generally operate on timescales ranging from a few minutes to several hours .
52 In fact we rarely see each other . ’
53 We rarely reflect on such mysteries .
54 Consider Billy Brace 's letter ( Letters ) which says of Gaelic : ‘ We rarely lament the loss of those languages now ’ .
55 They are people whom we rarely consider in this House , but when there is a suicide or accident on the railway , the driver , and his mate if appropriate , may be mentally scarred for life by the experience .
56 We rarely hear anything about that from the Opposition .
57 We rarely get any specific evidence of people actually passing drugs .
58 Given that we rarely ever got to the bye-line , Sunderland never looked really troubled by this .
59 Well erm I 'll tell you what it is we , we actually build our business by word of mouth and it er these sort of introductions means that we rarely advertise erm and the money saved can be used to benefit policy holders such as yourself which sometimes means that it can reduce charges and erm increase bonuses wherever possible .
60 We rarely had more than a couple of deliveries a day — we did n't have the space .
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