Example sentences of "to be " in BNC.

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1 1 in 500 Londoners are believed to be infected .
2 Yes — but you are not expected to be a nurse .
3 I would like to be an ACET volunteer so what do I do now ?
4 Churches in these areas particularly need to be informed , involved in community care and supporting Christian workers seeking to prevent new HIV infection in schools . ’
5 To do this , we would like to recruit people who are willing to be an ACET-link in their church .
6 Basically every day is an effort , that 's the reality , and there 's a great tendency to want life to be as it was .
7 Programmes for the four London areas will take place as follows ; — South West Thames — 9th September North West Thames — 25th September North East Thames — 2nd October South East Thames — Date to be fixed during September/early October All enquiries should be directed to Chris Catlin on 081 840 7879 .
8 Kate Bristow commented , ‘ It is a real privilege for ACET to be asked to work with such people as they look for ways to develop an effective strategy . ’
9 Over the next decade a global approach is going to be essential . ’
10 The classical pneumocystis pneumonia used to be the final event in the disease process in almost half ( 46% ) of those with AIDS in 1986 .
11 Forward planning and good communication are the two foundation stones that must be in place to guarantee that people ill with HIV have the best choices and continue to enjoy the very best quality of life , wherever they choose to be .
12 It was no particular shock when I found out ; I had expected the test to be positive .
13 Basically every day is an effort , that 's the reality , and there 's a great tendency to want life to be as it was .
14 Westminster Hospital , say that Andrew , on of their patients , needs to be admitted but they are unable to find transport as no ambulance is available .
15 Tony is to be admitted but … wait for it … to yet another hospital !
16 But remember you have to wait at least 12 weeks after the possible infection for the test result to be accurate .
17 In most happy marriages , husband and wife continue to make time to be with each other , and to understand each other .
18 A Deed of Covenant is a legal document which needs to be correctly drawn up and signed .
19 A covenant is a legally binding document to make regular donations , and such donations must be made under the terms of an existing Deed of Covenant for tax to be reclaimable .
20 However , it can be possible for the documents to be signed after you have sent a payment by cheque provided that you arrange for us to hold the cheque and not pay it into the bank until we have received the signed Deed of Covenant .
21 Although ACET , like any charity , does not have the power to release you from the agreement it is likely to be sympathetic .
22 To be effective for tax purposes a Deed of Covenant has to turn for a period capable to exceeding three years .
23 With a payment under covenant , The Deed of Covenant has to be filled in corrected before a payment is made .
24 But to gain the advantages of the Gift Aid scheme certain conditions have to be complied with .
25 A Will is simply a clear statement about how your money and possessions are to be divided when you die .
26 To be eligible for ACET Home Care you must be HIV positive and require assistance because of this .
27 ‘ If there is to be an effective Christian response to AIDS we need to support organisations like ACET who are in the front line giving practical care and support . ’
28 It is now more than ever clear that every section of society needs to be involved in responding to AIDS , including the churches .
29 Complex social problems have to be tackled including homelessness , imprisonment , birth of an infected child and death of one or even both parents .
30 However , we are able to enter the 1991/92 financial year with a firm financial base , a strong management team and a greater than ever determination to be an effective caring Christian response to this global epidemic wherever it is most needed .
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