Example sentences of "to be " in BNC.

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31 That 's the reality ; you want life to be as it was .
32 Three quarters of the nation 's entire AIDS problem is to be found in London and the pattern of need is changing fast .
33 In 1986 , the classical pneumocystis pneumonia used to be the final event in the disease process in almost half ( 46% ) of AIDS related deaths .
34 While pneumonia continues to be a common occurrence , by 1989 improved treatment had reduced the numbers dying as a result to only 3% .
35 We hope to be able to increase its reach even further in the coming year .
36 By the year 2000 , of the 40 million expected to be infected with the virus causing AIDS , 36 million will be in the developing world .
37 In Uganda , the number of people estimated to be HIV infected is 1.3 million , representing over 1 in 8 of the entire adult population .
38 ACET aims to be a practical resource to local churches and Christian organisations seeking to prevent new infection and provide basic community care .
39 In the future we hope also to be able to assist further with practical care .
40 Other northern Malawians arrested between February and May 1989 are thought to be among those set free .
41 After the March 1991 releases , over 70 detainees were still held and were apparently due to be brought to trial in April .
42 The three are also believed to be implicated in other cases of serious violations against street children .
43 In addition to imprisonment , those believed to have advocated Irian Jaya 's independence , whether through peaceful or violent means , continue to be at risk of torture , ill-treatment , ‘ disappearance ’ , and extrajudicial execution by Indonesian security forces .
44 AI is concerned that the Tunisian Government , by its failure to investigate allegations of torture brought to its notice , appears to be condoning the use of torture .
45 The group is inviting artists to contribute paintings , illustrations , sketches — artwork of all kinds — to be auctioned off by the Mayor of Rochdale on Saturday 19 October at 7 pm at the Rochdale Art Gallery .
46 For this reason the campaigning elements of the organization — and that includes many of the 80,000 British members who undertake to be active on Amnesty 's behalf — have increased and refined their methods over the years .
47 In practical terms this means that although letter-writing to governments regarding prisoners continues to be the cornerstone of the campaign work other methods have been introduced to enhance the effectiveness of the hundreds of thousands of letters that Amnesty members write each year .
48 Such knowledge could , however , continue to be useful when used in a regional context , which is what the RANs do , enabling members to react to a wider range of human rights violations in any given region .
49 Hew was convicted on the basis of confessions he had made under torture and because he had read The Dogs of War , a novel about a coup in an imaginary country widely thought to be based on Equatorial Guinea .
50 ‘ Ali Muhammad al-Akrami , al-Ajili Muhammad ‘ Abdul Rahman al-Ashari , ‘ Ali Muhammad al-Qajji , Salih Omar al-Qasbi , Muhammad al-Saadiq al-Tarhouni and ‘ Abdul Qadir Muhammad al-Ya'qubi are believed to be in Abu Salim Prison in Tripoli , although AI received reports that ‘ Abdul Qadir Muhammad al-Ya'qubi had died at the end of 1988 .
51 Ask for this claim to be investigated , and find out whether anyone has been found responsible and brought to justice .
52 Olivier Nwaha Binya'a appears to be held in indefinite administrative detention without any opportunity to challenge his imprisonment .
53 Even from the jails themselves , the cries of hope , of despair , implorings not to be forgotten escape : Muriel ‘ Rucia ’ Dockendorff was seized by Chilean security police soon after the bloody coup of 1973 and ‘ disappeared ’ .
54 ‘ but invariably , even when we have needed to correct or update details in our reports , the sad fact remains that the overall portrait of horror has been shown to be true and if anything , understated . ’
55 Unfortunately , increased use of the death penalty appears to be the most popular solution .
56 There are numerous examples of the poor quality of court-appointed lawyers ; John Young went to his death even though his trial lawyer had signed an affidavit admitting he had been ill-prepared at trial due to drug use , the recent break-up of his marriage and the discovery of his own homosexuality ; another attorney had his breath checked by the judge for signs of alcohol , another was found to be in contempt of court after arriving back from lunch drunk … and so I could go on .
57 Since black people in the southern states have suffered more injustices at the hands of the law they tend to be less likely to hand out death sentences .
58 I sat in my cell expecting to be called out for execution at any moment .
59 The Government of Sri Lanka has shown itself to be increasingly sensitive to the outcry over its appalling human rights record over the last decade .
60 Its main function , however , appears to be to present a better image of Sri Lanka to the outside world .
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