Example sentences of "[v-ing] be " in BNC.

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1 In fact what he has been using are exactly the same as the cheap mass-produced lasers used in CD machines .
2 The only missiles they 're using are stones .
3 Even between technical peers as in a design team there can be difficulties in communication because the models which individuals are using are not identical .
4 Horizontal and vertical number lines like the ones you have been using are put together to describe or plot positions on a graph .
5 Yeah , but the trips he 's using are big .
6 Organizing , managing and administering are about controlling and co-ordinating the diverse contributions needed for the attainment of some collective goal .
7 The instructions provide a generative programme , the folding and unfolding are like the contractions and changes in contact in cell sheets in the embryo .
8 ‘ Support and involvement rather than nagging are the watchwords . ’
9 The related themes I am pursuing are difficult to keep apart , and really require a contrapuntal or fugal exposition .
10 Doctors at the East London rehabilitation unit where he is recovering are sending him home for Christmas with his family in Chingford , Essex .
11 The most obvious signs that someone might be sniffing are :
12 The effects of sniffing are similar to being drunk on alcohol .
13 Most young people who try sniffing ( and remember , those who try sniffing are only a small minority ) will only do it a few times and stop without any help from adults .
14 Songs and styles of singing are handed down from mother to daughter , unchanged over centuries or even millennia .
15 The kind of songs I sit there and enjoy singing are like ‘ Eternal Flame ’ , songs that have rich melodies . ’
16 What are you what are what are you singing are you singing things like erm like er , Oh Lonesome Me , Beautiful Dreamer these
17 ( f ) That daywork hours for such items as unloading are accurately checked .
18 ‘ You 're not fussing are you , old love ? ’ teased Travis .
19 The three main outlets for reselling are auctions , specialist shops , private individuals or dealers .
20 Techniques of consumer targeting are an important additional input to market analysis , segmentation and planning .
21 These techniques of consumer targeting are now so widely applied that a separate chapter must be devoted to them .
22 Chewing and sucking are comforting for the human being and the roots of this go right back into babyhood .
23 Very recent figures on the precise extent of subcontracting are difficult to obtain but the Fifth Basic Survey of Industry ( 1979 ) showed that over 60 per cent of small and medium-sized firms ( i.e. up to 300 employees ) were dependent on orders from other firms .
24 Simple social skills like apologizing are given no place because the most important thing is not to lose face .
25 last year I could n't believe my welcome , they 're coming out and apologizing are you alright to wait , you know , he 's , he 's got dentist in the surgery and oh it was amazing
26 It suspects that although the Viking is n't the so-called performance leader , the volumes it 's producing are higher than at Hewlett Packard .
27 On the other hand , when the amount produced is such that the demand price is less than the supply price , sellers receive less than is sufficient to make it worth their while to bring goods to market on that scale ; so that those who were just on the margin of doubt as to whether to go on producing are decided not to do so , and there is an active force at work tending to diminish the amount brought forward for sale .
28 But so long as no resources used in ‘ selling ’ or in producing are owned monopolistically , we are forced to conclude that this activity is essentially competitive and can not result in any kind of monopolistic control over production or any impairment of the competitive process .
29 Those who can not write have less power than those who can : their acts of naming are restricted to those who will listen to them , those in the immediate locality .
30 Mutations that affect corepressor binding are of two types .
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