Example sentences of "[v-ing] be " in BNC.

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31 Those 13 CypA residues involved in CsA binding are also drawn ( see text ) .
32 Nevertheless , it is likely that the qualitative features of DNA binding are the same .
33 The effects of the intercalating chromophore on platinum binding are probed by including cisplatin , 7 , PtenCl 2 , 1 and PtpropCl 2 , 4 , as monomeric comparators .
34 The main areas that the parties will wish to be binding are : ( a ) confidentiality ; ( b ) costs ; ( c ) exclusivity period .
35 Obviously , the flavour which whisky gives to a sauce differs from that produced by cognac , armagnac or Calvados ; certainly the aromas coming from the pot while the whisky is cooking are also very different ; but by the time the alcohol has been burned and cooked away I wonder how many people would spot what precisely the difference is .
36 You 're not cooking are you ?
37 you 're not cooking are you ?
38 You 're not cooking are you ?
39 If you get one , you know the nuts you 're eating are not from California , for the Californians grow exclusively sweet almonds .
40 Yeah , we do n't have any huge , oh of course I 'm croqueting are n't I ?
41 Resting , sleeping and generally vegetating are obvious ways of unwinding .
42 From tomorrow the women cricketers of the world will be pitched into battle against each other … competing are Australia …
43 that er , we applied for test of proportionality , the minimum necessary , my Lord this is a , your Lordship 's focus on admission rules which of course different to what we 're concerned with here , admission to the market , erm , and it , it is the minimum necessary to ensure that all those who should be in the market and are capable of competing are in the market .
44 And what they 're including are unit acs and things like that .
45 The more relevant LIFESPAN forms and outputs you will be seeing are shown in Figure 2.4 .
46 The political spin-offs from crusading are therefore more difficult to calculate than at first glance they might appear .
47 Ideas for additional stalls welcome — please contact Betty Boyce — 09323 40442 — A few more names to help with stewarding are needed — many thanks to those who have already offered — but — with more stewards — the load would be lighter ! !
48 Several factors such as tobacco smoking , heroin smoking , cannabis use , asthma , bronchitis , heavy alcohol use , malnourishment , and bad social conditions resulting in poor housing and crowding are known to predispose to bacterial pneumonia .
49 LEFT , Examining the efficiency and quality of output by dust-press dishmaking are , left to right , Clive Bourne , Dave Riley , Simon Lovatt and Mike Shufflebotham .
50 The people I 'm representing are , but obviously
51 Trapping and snaring are both professional methods of rabbit control .
52 As a follow-up , three workshops on bookselling are being held in Asia from April/July this year to early 1992 .
53 Also , cooling can produce spectral shifts in emission wavelength , so although it may have potential uses for geological applications where CL emission at room temperature is meagre , the full effects of cooling are at present poorly known and the technique can not be recommended as a regular practice for petrographic purposes .
54 Learning , singing , and praying are rolled up into one : catechesis , as opposed to dialogue or concerned interest for religious matters .
55 The pastor who is not praying is playing ; the people who are not praying are straying .
56 Lists in which items appearing are selected , and purport to be the most important works on the subject , but for which no annotation , evaluative or informative , is given .
57 Also appearing are the up-and-coming Farenheit and Guitarist contributor Michael Fath , the latter repeating his performance at our recent Scottish Show .
58 The result of this process of ‘ making do ’ with what is available is that any likelihood of collections of such presently unavailable poets appearing are rendered even more economically impossible .
59 The odds against that number appearing are 4,096:1 .
60 It starts at eight o'clock the tickets are six quid on the door and appearing are the Ivy League Alf Berry and Heather Nixon , Night Ride organist and drummer and the compere is Peter Lawrie it 'll be a good night I 'll tell you that .
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