Example sentences of "[vb pp] a " in BNC.

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1 Millwall took the lead in the 40th minute , when Malcolm Allen converted a penalty after Mark Robson had mis-timed a tackle on Kenny Cunningham .
2 Alexandra ( 4.3 ) quite spontaneously sorted a set of pots , matched each with the right-sized lid and graded them on a shelf by size .
3 If she 's er if she 's sorted a village out , that 'll be great
4 They have surrounded a garrison at Bati , to the east , and on 19 September they attacked Mile on the Assab road , closing it for 36 hours .
5 Just after the agreement was announced , Sarajevo Radio reported that Yugoslav fighter jets had launched new attacks on Croat-populated villages in western Bosnia and that army units had surrounded a strategic Muslim-populated town east of the Neretva river .
6 Wide wooden verandas often surrounded a house on all four sides , although sometimes a part of the veranda had been enclosed to provide extra living space .
7 The area has been sealed off and police marksmen have surrounded a local shop .
8 The platter of assorted vegetables would have delighted a vegan .
9 The wine would have delighted a connoisseur .
10 She 's delighted a local team has won .
11 She is wished a long , healthy and happy retirement by everyone .
12 Also this week , Fininvest , the Italian master company of Silvio Berlusconi , disclosed a 1 per cent stake in Saatchi 's .
13 It was disclosed a week ago that the Frenchman Laurent Fignon had failed a test after a race in The Netherlands last month .
14 Delaporte Establishment — the nominee company which emerged earlier this week with a significant shareholding in merchant bank Morgan Grenfell — yesterday disclosed a 1.13 per cent Ferranti stake .
15 Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC , sitting at Southwark Crown Court , said the case had disclosed a disturbing picture of the use of ‘ a wide range of dangerous drugs ’ by customers at Darby 's parties .
16 He said a survey had disclosed a gloomy picture of growing waiting lists , homelessness , and repair problems .
17 In a poll of Anglican Clergy undertaken in 1864 only 40% expressed the view that the damned would suffer everlasting torment ; it may be assumed that a poll of laity would have disclosed a substantially lower percentage.ii .
18 He cleared away the grass and disclosed a narrow opening descending into the darkness .
19 A search of the National Biomedical Research Foundation protein database disclosed a strong homology to human ICAM-1 and -2 and the intervals between cysteine residues are conserved between the presented sequence and ICAM-1 .
20 This survey disclosed a considerable disparity in levels of unmet need in subjects whose sole regular contact was with health professionals ( subgroups A to D ) compared with those reassessed on a multidisciplinary basis by health and social services personnel .
21 the defendant has disclosed a prima facie defence to the action on the merits .
22 The history of astronomy also disclosed a succession of hypotheses , which made claims for physical truth look precarious .
23 By order of Master Miller dated 2 November 1990 the following point of law was ordered to be tried as a preliminary point before the trial of the action , namely whether the council could maintain an action for libel for any words which reflected upon the council as the county council for Derbyshire in relation to its governmental and administrative functions in Derbyshire , including its statutory responsibility for the investment and control of the superannuation fund , and whether , if not , the statement of claim disclosed a cause of action .
24 Dand had disclosed a non-beneficial interest at 31 December 1991 , were disposed of before 31 December 1992 .
25 When the Kruskall-Wallis test disclosed a significant p value , the Mann-Whitney U test was carried out in order to detect where the differences occur .
26 Later research seems to show that Malinowski mis-understood a number of key features of the system he described , but it is certainly the case that the participants in the Kula conceive of it as a circulating system of exchange .
27 Harry had designed a malt whiskey distillery in his final year as a student of architecture .
28 Malcolm had designed a very nice women 's mac .
29 More recently , sans sack and barrow , J J Costin has designed a minutely documented herbaceous border .
30 In an ideal world the political framework and the broad strategy should have come first ; then the military men would have designed a plan to fit them .
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