Example sentences of "[vb pp] a " in BNC.

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31 Even Michael Jackson has designed a trainer for LA Gear , imaginatively called ‘ Billie Jean ’ .
32 MOLECULAR biologists in Australia say they have designed a range of new molecules effective in the initial step of destroying the activity of viruses .
33 Delving into the local history of the area , I discovered with amusement that in the early 1850s a certain superintendent of the then London & Birmingham Railway works at Wolverton had designed a fast new locomotive .
34 Now the architect , Halsey Ricardo , had designed a station in redbrick gigantism , providing a dramatic contrast with the syncretic graces of Bombay 's Victoria Terminus .
35 There was , presumably , a sound evolutionary reason for the fact that no one had yet designed a lavatory in which the occupant faced away from the door , some relic of the time when primitive man was most at risk when at stool , but it did mean that the lavatory user was finely tuned to the approach of strangers .
36 Gedge is often regarded as candid , but he has designed a style of lyric-writing that effectively camouflages his true self .
37 The War Office had therefore designed a structure which , from its general appearance and use , looked to have been based on the idea of a boy 's Meccano .
38 As with the 2D the manufacturer has designed a number of fittings for it .
39 Nothing daunted , the BBC 's engineers have designed a clever re-recording technique for receiving the sound and this could help them to win a prestigious international prize next month .
40 Now the VHS manufacturers have designed a machine which can be manually switched to half speed during recording .
41 Skolnik Industries has designed a steel container to hold a variety of leaking or damaged drums .
42 ‘ Along those basic instrument guidelines , I 've designed a bass for BC Rich called The Punisher , which I have on stage .
43 I have designed a special celebration menu for you today .
44 Can only assume this was designed a long time ago , say roughly 1983 ; surely even Peter Snow must now realise that a Labour landslide is rather more likely than a Tory one .
45 Ashridge Management College has designed a programme aimed at equipping Robson Rhodes partners with business counselling skills .
46 To give more effective stripping , 3M has designed a special Stripping Tool which , unlike wire wool , will not stain wood with rust spots , while also speeding up stripping on flat surfaces .
47 So as you can see not only have we designed a gas cooker which looks impressive in the most modern of kitchens or traditional wooden cabinetry .
48 Adults also come in different shapes and sizes so we 've designed a frame that can be altered to suit your height .
49 Hairdresser to the stars and current hairdresser of the year , Trevor Sorbie has designed a superb hair care system .
50 To convert this basic pattern to this year 's special Christmas-party outfit , I have designed a motif , based on Renaissance embroideries , to be incorporated in it as a ‘ decoration ’ .
51 A KWVR member and computer programmer has designed a sophisticated program that is cutting significantly the time taken to process bookings .
52 At the end of the gallery Mr Molloy has designed a tall wooden column inspired by the vertical nature of hangul , the Korean script , which has been inscribed with part of a Korean poem cycle .
53 In addition to this , Jay has designed a trickle filter , powered by an Enheim 1250 .
54 The British , with experience gained in the Boer War , had designed a standard rifle , light and holding the maximum number of rounds for fast , aimed fire at a specific target .
55 Although the SSC , like most things , could probably have been designed a bit better and made to cost a bit less , physics dictates its overall scale .
56 In addition , the centre completely designed a parallel operating system , Paros , for the European Community SuperNode II project .
57 The fact , however , that they have designed a language to fulfil these functions does not necessarily mean that these functions could not be fulfilled in other ways , nor that their language is intrinsically connected with them , nor that the language has necessarily been proven to succeed in achieving these ideals .
58 Peichl has designed a building as well suited to display as to debate : in addition to modular areas intended to house exhibitions of all kinds , there is a technologically sophisticated complex consisting of a library , a 500-seat auditorium , television studios , and rooms for lectures , concerts , film shows and live performances .
59 Gordon himself has made a mail work , sending short , threatening letters to 300 recipients , and Anand Zenz has designed a pinstripe suit ( ed.13 ) , woven by a tailor in Savile Row , but changing the stripe to a provocative text which can be read at close quarters .
60 On the ground floor , Isozaki has designed a hall for ticket and information desks , a bookstore and four rectangular galleries .
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