Example sentences of "[be] [v-ing] " in BNC.

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1 The glands on its face are bestowing the cat 's personal scent , making its owner smell pleasanter and more familiar .
2 If you are pitching for an account , appearing on television or radio , making a significant speech , always have a company Gofer with you .
3 You react like one when you burn the toast , so why should n't you react like one when you are pitching for a new account ?
4 People are angry and are pitching hard because of the polarisation of the debate between the status quo or independence .
5 All 3 political groups are pitching for increased spending , Labour is likely to propose a budget around £320 million , the Liberal Democrats around £314 million and the Tory group up to £310 millions , all of them well above Government guidelines of £306 million .
6 I find myself turning to the first chapter of the Book of Genesis for an insight into what I am hinting at here .
7 He has been stamping his feet impatiently in Gdansk waiting for the call to be Poland 's first non-communist president in more than 40 years .
8 Growers , delighted that sales of real firs are outstripping those of their synthetic rivals , claim that families have turned nostalgic in a seasonal effort to beat the recession blues .
9 He says that pocket money increases in the north are outstripping those in the south , in a strange reversal of trends .
10 Apparently , someone called Harry Kellerman has been phoning people up about George , and giving him ‘ the bad mouth all over town ’ .
11 ‘ The boys are naturally worried and they have been phoning home to find out more about the situation , ’ Mathur said .
12 She had been phoning people who might go to Greece with her or drive her there or , failing that , pay her air-fare , and eventually she succeeded in getting a loan from an aunt and an offer of a place in a minibus from an old schoolfellow and her boyfriend .
13 A woman 's been phoning your office every day : wants to speak to you .
14 ‘ Sergeant , ’ said Alice , ‘ had someone been phoning Mary ?
15 Lucy 's been phoning you regularly , right ? ’
16 I said I 've been phoning all the time , I said , and I still do n't know about it !
17 Because I recko , I reckon they must of been paid for that because Maury has n't been phoning up and saying oh you have n't paid it !
18 Well I 've been very good I 've not been phoning anybody else
19 My Mum goes what have you been phoning Billy for ?
20 The Ch'noze are raiding further east than usual this year . ’
21 He had been weeping .
22 That hateful inspector had dragged her away , even though Ma had been weeping enough to fill a kettle .
23 She had been weeping , he could see that , but there was no chance that she would cry now because the apartment was filled with Agency staff , four men moving through the small apartment , packing the family 's belongings .
24 Claudia has been weeping .
25 It 's been weeping at night when I 'm sleeping .
26 She , too , had been weeping .
27 But of Doreen there was no sign — at least not until they went inside and she emerged from her bedroom , where she had been weeping .
28 ‘ You 've been weeping .
29 Bishop Jon , a warm-hearted man , had been weeping , and even Eochaid , remembering , found himself moved near to tears .
30 I think it is a pity that so many anglers are devoting their whole fishing careers to the one species .
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