Example sentences of "[be] [v-ing] " in BNC.

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31 Imagine how it feels ( if you are the incumbent MP ) to know that , that very morning , thousands of people are devoting their whole attention to getting rid of you .
32 Companies are devoting very low attention — at least in terms of money — to controlling investment ’ .
33 Concentrating on the modern and contemporary prints : Lumley Cazalet will be showing prints by Frink , Marini , Picasso ( from the ‘ 156 ’ series ) , and works by contemporary printmakers ; Paul McCarron 's stand includes an impression of Whistler 's ‘ Weary ’ at $20,000 ; Lott and Gerrish are showing 200 British woodcuts as well as wood-engravings by Gibbings and Edward Calvert ; Marlborough Graphics have Paula Rego 's latest ‘ Peter Pan ’ suite , Bill Jacklin 's ‘ Coney Island Suite ’ and new work by Ken Kiff ; Jeffrey Kaplow of Proofs Ltd is showing ‘ Luce Myres de Face ’ by Lautrec ( W.121 ) , a rare proof printed in sanguine , priced at £20,000 , together with works by Redon , Munch and others ; Waddington Graphics are devoting most of their space to their own publications — Dine , Motherwell , Hamilton , Blake and Hodgkin — but will have some prints by Picasso and Goya ; Pratt Contemporary Art will again be showing works by Ana Maria Pacheco whose prints have attracted much attention at past fairs , together with new etchings and monotypes by Susan Adams , Denise Walker and Julian Grater .
34 Although many local authorities in their strategy documents state that they aim first at rehabilitation , I remain unconvinced that they are devoting the same resources in terms of skilled social workers with small caseloads and adequate financial support to natural families , as they do to finding and supporting new families .
35 I am conscious of the late payment problem , which is something to which we are devoting great attention .
36 It does seem an anachronism that the Australian government could in theory be sacked by the Queen in London , particularly as both countries are devoting much greater attention to their regional interests .
37 Another fruitful configuration has been rotating Couette flow ( Section 17.5 ) .
38 By rights she should be sleeping the sleep of the just by now , she realised despondently as she switched on the bedside lamp — instead she 'd been reliving everything over and over in her mind .
39 Scientists are stepping up tests to find the source of dioxin contamination which has brought financial ruin to two farmers .
40 The revival in borrowing was concentrated on credit cards , suggesting that consumers are stepping up purchases of everyday items but are still reluctant to take on debt to finance household durables and cars .
41 COMPANIES that supply optical fibres to British Telecom are stepping up their efforts to cut the price of the fibres in the face of international competition .
42 In the UK , GaAs-based computer chips are now being marketed , and UK manufacturers are stepping up production of GaAs materials .
43 AIRLINES are stepping up safety checks on Boeing 747s following last month 's Amsterdam air crash .
44 NEW Yorkers are stepping out to weird Foot Friend parties to meet the partner of their dreams .
45 ‘ Care managers are stepping into a different world , managing budgets and telling clients when they ca n't do something because there is no more money .
46 Detectives are stepping up their hunt for a rapist who attacked a woman at Nottingham 's Music Festival at the weekend .
47 They are stepping over the invisible , moralistic Maginot Line of the old culture of opposition .
48 Gulf oil states are stepping up production of a " green " petrol additive in an effort to meet the requirements of the US Clean Air Act , which demands higher levels of oxygen in petrol .
49 Police are stepping up their hunt for two armed raiders who 've kidnapped and threatened shop managers in a spate of robberies .
50 Police are stepping up their hunt for a man who 's carried out a series of sexual attacks on women in the last seven months .
51 HEALTH watchdogs in Aberconwy are stepping up their pressure on Gwynedd Health Authority to ensure there is adequate weekend and night-time anaesthetic cover at Llandudno Hospital .
52 POLICE are stepping up patrols on Wrexham industrial estate after a spate of factory break-ins in which office equipment and other property was stolen .
53 NORTH Wales Police are stepping up patrols of flood areas in a bid to ward off looters .
54 POLICE in County Durham are stepping up the fight against crime after a wide ranging shake-up in senior personnel .
55 Roy Hardiman , the railway 's General Manager outlined the Gala arrangements ; ‘ Our two Hunslets , Holy War and Maid Marian will be working the passenger services between Llanuwchllyn and Bala Station and at present we are finalising the visit of two locos from the South of England .
56 Canada in the Spring is already planned and Roy and his wife , Ann , are finalising the details of what promises to be an exciting six-week sojourn .
57 THE two winners of round-the-world holidays in our exclusive Courtauld News competition are finalising plans for their dream trips in February .
58 It is I who am handling the sale of the lease on the office premises .
59 that the potatoes for which the peasants are fossicking
60 Up to this point the US had been binding itself to Vietnam with conceptual associations , policy objectives , and some material considerations .
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