Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Agents are notified of performances by the schools , and they also receive hundreds of letters from students inviting them to see particular performances .
2 The excitement , suspense , and danger which seems the lot of the police on celluloid feeds into the definitions many of Easton 's section police give to their work experience , and the supposed similarity of this experience leads them to see police films and television programmes as an accurate portrayal , to be watched avidly because of this shared world .
3 Even though the portrayal of police work on celluloid is not a realistic description of policing in Easton , the conceptualizations they have of their role as fighters of ‘ big crime ’ , which they have to be continually prepared for , encourages them to see the media portrayal of policing as accurate , thus completing the circle .
4 The patrols are expected to react to these , and an umpire accompanies them to see that there is fair play .
5 Many more ants would need to go up into space for them to see themselves in perspective .
6 We could point out further that the ancient Israelites had not yet developed any notion of supernatural evil forces in opposition to God , and that this also encouraged them to see his hand in dark and terrible events .
7 Smart army WAR in the 21st century will see soldiers in ‘ smart ’ helmets that allow them to see through clouds and over hills , according to a report from America 's National Research Council .
8 Then make sure you know which they are and check them to see they have not been removed or weakened .
9 They often do this by letting out or bringing in their mooring line , so keep an eye on them to see which direction they move it in , if at all .
10 Take them to see Santa in his Steam Train Grotto .
11 They bring respectability to industry in the eyes of young people and allow them to see that work can be rewarding , interesting and challenging .
12 As Pathfinders they had the extra advantage of being able to use all the latest radar equipment to enable them to see through the layers of cloud , and when they were talking to Met Officers we would hear mysterious references to ‘ Gee ’ and ‘ H2S ’ .
13 Eisenbarth 's group has already identified two youngsters with the antibodies , and is monitoring them to see if their production of insulin starts to fall .
14 At the end there are sequences of free paddling , both at Nottingham and on natural water , allowing the viewers to see practical use of the moves and permitting them to see the film to examine the techniques , the paddling by the six paddlers involved always being very confident and competent .
15 Similarly , the energy at sites may interact with certain individuals to create altered states of consciousness , which enables them to see more easily the variety of legendary entities which traditionally inhabit such locations .
16 Go through them to see which might be relevant to your own situation .
17 I did n't want them to see me crying .
18 It does n't necessarily mean that they 're unscrupulous in the way that they get their own way ; they just have very clear ideas and it 's impossible for them to see it any other way . ’
19 Expect them to be hammered and they hold the eventual World Cup winners to a point : expect them to see off a side which had not won in the Championship for three years and they submit weakly .
20 This helps them to see a 3-D object as a simpler , two-dimensional configuration of lines and shapes .
21 We allowed them to see us at our most absurd .
22 The sport itself and the money , shelter them from the kind of rough-and-ready exchange that brings ordinary people back from the brink of conflict and leads them to see their adversaries as people .
23 I would have loved to touch them to see what they felt like but I could see out of the corner of my eye that I was being watched .
24 ‘ It must be frightening for them to see Ryan on the bench .
25 So , surrounded with objects , photographs in books , cuttings from magazines etc , I studied them to see if there was anything which would be interesting translated into knitting .
26 Up to this point , the females have assiduously ignored the male , but soon he starts testing them to see if they are ready to mate .
27 Fact is , I do n't want them to see what 's going on in the next few hours .
28 Sounds as if the guy is suffering from Hemingway Syndrome : ‘ computers may see their silicon lives flash before their eyes , so to speak , just before they die , ’ Prodigy Services Co suggests , reporting that physicist Stephen Thaler of McDonnell Douglas Corp has been playing with neural networks as a way to speed diamond crystal growth but while by day , he created and trained the neural nets , by night , he began annihilating them to see what would happen , randomly severing links , and when between 10% and 60% of the links were destroyed , the network regurgitated nonsense , but as it approached death , 90% of the connections severed , it generated distinct values that had been trained into it , and at times even output ‘ whimsical ’ states , where it would generate values that were neither trained nor ones that would appear in a healthy net , says Thaler , who thinks it may say something about near-death experiences for humans — ‘ It may not just be fancy biochemistry , ’ he suggests .
29 Then , the mist dissipates to allow them to see what is below .
30 If I 'm going anywhere where I want them to see me as a ‘ teacher ’ you know with all that that implies , then I 'll wear my wedding ring .
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