Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] " in BNC.

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31 The federal government used them to see if America was keeping up with its competitors .
32 It also stated that ‘ 90 per cent of the respondents indicated that their experience in the programme had helped them to see more clearly the forces at work in their lives and had in fact helped them to take more control over their lives ’ .
33 eleventh , always have to look at them to see
34 We must train staff to teach as effectively as possible and should encourage them to see this as an important part of their job .
35 Our informants had a well-articulated theory of the relation between ‘ work-in-school ’ and success in a life career that allowed them to see work-in-school as the first rung of their adult moral careers .
36 I tried to explain earlier about not being able to relax with people I liked , not being able to get them to see what virtues I had .
37 We do n't as yet have any friends in the street , but we 're on Hello terms with a few neighbours , and frankly I would n't want them to see me putting all these flowers on a skip .
38 At the same time she watched them to see what they did .
39 Since international trade law is largely dispositive and is designed primarily to facilitate international transactions between business enterprises it is only sensible to try out proposals on those who will be affected by them to see whether they will really work .
40 The eyes of some fish enable them to see not only what is going on in the water around them but in the air above the surface .
41 Giving them work to do or organised games — so that they have no time to stand and stare … but we must help them to see , to look , to observe .
42 She felt her hand being placed against his cheek , and then his lips pressing kisses upon it ; she pulled his hand back , and casting all caution to the winds pressed his palm to her own lips , fondling it , examining the scratched and chisel scars on his knuckles until he wanted her hand back again — and the manner in which they took it in turns to kiss hands through the wall became a competition between them to see who could demonstrate the greatest fondness , a competition that Jennifer was now desperate to win because all her instincts were telling her that Tristram was the only man she could ever love , and that through him lay her path to freedom and independence .
43 And you may find that instead of making antiracism the rational choice for trade union officials and other bureaucrats , you are encouraging them to see immigration as dysfunctional , rather than racism !
44 Nevertheless the conservatives who manned the Juntas were not provincial separatists : they were inspired , not merely by a vague programme of reform on a national level , but by a sense of order that forced them to see the necessity of a central government .
45 In Reg. v. Barrett , 12 J.L.R. 179 , where again the accused applied unsuccessfully for leave to appeal against conviction , the defence contended that the trial judge should have allowed them to see the statement of a witness who had identified the accused at an identification parade 10 days after the commission of the offence , on the ground that , the witness having stated that she had given a description of the accused to the police , the defence were entitled as a matter of law to know the details of that description for the purpose of cross-examining the witness and testing her credibility .
46 In this passage Thorpe J. was quite clearly not only bearing W. 's wishes in mind , but looking behind them to see why W. wished to remain where she was .
47 " When I was dealing with the men personally I generally got them to see matters from my point of view , but unfortunately I could not stay in any one port for any length of time ; my subordinates did not have the same control over men as I did " .
48 That at the very least gives me the opportunity er to at very least glance through , I do n't know how long they 're going to be of course , but at very least glance through them to see what I need to see , to see if there 's any which is self-evidently requiring further comment , or further site visit , and er I can then give the Councils a further two weeks in which to respond to that .
49 I do n't have to talk to them to see that .
50 I promised Madeleine last night I 'd go with them to see Dunbar playing polo .
51 It was difficult to get them to see the relevance of some of the questions . ’
52 We examined these magazines for shells , we examined them to see if they were perfect .
53 Their emphasis on the absolute centrality of heterosexual experience made it impossible for them to see that purity feminism had anything to offer , with its emphasis on celibacy , and its view of sex as male-defined , vicious and depraved .
54 Jannie gazed into the food cupboard , picking up cereal packets and shaking them to see if they needed replacing .
55 They also saw the Catholic padre attached to the station and he took them to see Whitey 's grave .
56 It is more important for them to see all round so they can spot hunting animals in plenty of time to run away .
57 pressure of work on credit advises can tempt them to see this as a way of reducing the workload
58 Stone produces initial sketches as ‘ discussion documents , carefully screened in order that they see what I want them to see ’ .
59 Our parents would n't believe a word we said , so we took them to see Flupper .
60 This leads them to see the organization as a well-defined unit and not as the heaving , changing mass with fluctuating boundaries that it really is .
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