Example sentences of "[verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 In 1989 we were assured there was no , absolutely no , case for electrifying between Edinburgh and Glasgow : .
2 He bought a white 1964 Rover 2.6 Litre and spent much time speeding between Morrissey 's Kensington pad Manchester .
3 The rather tacky set , the lucklustre performances , the script from David Straun and Heather Williams that lurches from trite audience participation to over-the-head jokes ( would any primary-school child get the one about water privatisation ? ) , all did n't seem to matter as the company of four scampered around with their well-intentioned tale of how the white man destroyed the American Indians .
4 Indeed , he was selected to carry up the bill of settlement to the Lords , and in 1702 piloted through Parliament a measure to attaint the pretender .
5 We might surmise that the separations John experienced between the ages of two and seven years resulted in the development of an internal blueprint predicting that close relationships were unlikely to be sustained , and cautioning against becoming involved with others .
6 To what extent were politicians responsible for the high unemployment which Britain experienced between the wars ?
7 Tom Slack 's sense of fun effectively camouflages the dramas and dangers he endured as a pilot , as an escaper and ultimately as a POW .
8 He wrote a book which we bought , all about the discrimination he endured as a Methodist living in Ireland .
9 By all means snoop into my answer machine and sit through 20 messages suggesting I travel on a coach to Grimsby to review a Jive Bunny concert .
10 The families sit through a trial and feel short-changed by the sentence handed down . ’
11 The post-psychedelic light show ensures that the daytrippers are rooted to the floor as they sit through two and a quarter hours of swirling baby images , coloured cogs and kaleidoscope wheels .
12 Maybe I 'm just being traditional in my tastes ; it is probably important to watch the compilation in small doses and not sit through the whole three hours as I did .
13 'How about repeating that line , like a chorus …
14 As much as he complains about having to frolic through the clichés of his life , he is quite happy to encourage it .
15 They advertise for people to present themselves as possible magistrates .
16 Local volunteer schemes may be able to arrange a regular visitor or you could contact an employment agency or advertise for a kindly ‘ sitter ’ .
17 advertise for birth parents
18 If , at the end of this year , the total funds — I reckon those to be £44 million , but that figure may not be quite accurate — are underspent , will my hon. Friend advertise for people who , from 1989 to 1991 , did not receive their full allocation and allow anyone , including my constituents , to apply to help them use up any unused balance ?
19 Every is going to be female , now does that mean to say , that if no males apply , or if you only advertise for someone female , which I presumably erm , actually going to er run the impossibly do it .
20 But I do move today that we transfer the technical post that will become vacant in the pollution section by the end of this year to the food section , and that Matthew together with the chief environmental health officer consider how best to write a job description , and advertise for that post , and that while I do not see us securing a budget of two thousand five hundred pounds as under fifteen b , I do recommend that the health education authority are contacted , that their help-line is used , and that our E H O's use their premises in the coming new year .
21 Some versions of traps have a capped connector on the side , for connecting an overflow assembly , which can be unscrewed for cleaning .
22 Although the women 's identity remained shielded during the trial , she was named by several news organizations in the pre-trial period , and she chose to reveal her identity in an interview shortly after the verdict .
23 Kate Spencer-Nairn has been in wheelchair for eight years since her treatment at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford.In a High Court damages case against Oxfordshire Health Authority , she 's claimed that her spine was n't properly shielded during radiation treatment for Hodgkin 's Disease .
24 Though consent , if valid , has normative consequences , and can only be explained through its purported normative consequences , it does not bear its normativeness on its face .
25 Mathematics can be explained through the written word ‘ We went to the main road at 10.00 am to begin our traffic count .
26 Contemporary Marxist structuralists arguably confuse voluntarism ( the notion that individuals have unconstrained choices ) with methodological individualism ( the notion that social phenomena should be explained through the intended and unintended consequences of human actors making choices within constrained feasible sets of options ) .
27 Moreover , just as the empirical data on social inequality that were presented in Chapter 2 could be usefully explained through a combination of Marxist and Weberian theories , in this chapter , the concepts of closure and reproduction also help to bring Marxist and Weberian approaches together , this time for the analysis of the dynamics of class .
28 The high-performance team idea was explained through a programme which again relied on key personalities , regular meetings and frequent use of the language of the approach — such as ‘ flexible working ’ , ‘ product ownership ’ and ‘ front to back responsibility ’ .
29 He had explained about Ari , vehemently disagreed with Zambia 's suggestion he should make himself known to the girl , and tortured himself out loud with conjectures about how Roirbak and Leila might , at this very moment , be destroying Ari 's abilities beneath their feet .
30 Has he explained about last night ? ’
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