Example sentences of "[verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 After a year or so of disappointment , my Dad gently explained about air waves , and I reasoned that if Dick Barton could send his voice through the air waves , God certainly could .
32 He drew the attention of the soldier-in-charge and explained about his position in the club .
33 Prof Eno took us aside and explained about mummy rabbits and daddy rabbits .
34 While much remains to be explained about dreaming , a number of findings have been made which are by now uncontentious among scientists .
35 My solicitor and barrister came and saw me , and explained about parole and remission , and told me there was no point in appealing .
36 Gregson had called immediately and Houghton had explained about the fingerprints and how he was sure he now had positive identification of at least one of the bodies .
37 Two of the younger ones rather shyly explained about the workings of the creamery .
38 She had sorted out the reins now and Caspar had explained about just touching the horse 's flanks with her heels to spur it to a gallop .
39 The superintendent explained about the name of the guest Nicola was expecting to meet .
40 Cedric and Dorothy had seemed a centre , even an essential one ; so many well-known people had been in and out with their politics , books , causes , marches for this and that , demonstrations .
41 There was an even larger turnout on May 14 when funeral marches for Kang were held in the capital and elsewhere .
42 far from being crushed as a nation by the Russian conquest , the Yakuts succeeded in adapting to the ways of their conquerors and extended their own influence over their Tungus and Yukagir neighbours , not to mention the Russians themselves .
43 When you are ready , gently come back to the room and write down what the exercise revealed about your way-of-seeing the world .
44 In fact , working women were more independent and less likely to marry early ; and the real significance of this controversy was what it revealed about the ideological assumptions of ruling-class men .
45 ‘ It could be that I 've simply never felt strongly enough about anyone , ’ she cut in , instantly wishing the words unsaid as she realised how much they revealed about her feelings for him .
46 Of course some terms may be difficult to categorize as stop or non-stop .
47 No religion revealed through Mohammed .
48 Religion revealed through Mohammed .
49 A few doors away I watched for half an hour through a film of sunlit flour motes as a small , soft mass of dough was miraculously spun and flung out to cover six-foot squares of sacking by two whirling , wizened old men .
50 When they first met for real the fierce , cold , autocratic , heroically self-made man 's beady eye and cockily addressed him as ‘ Washy ’ to his face , well , petrification set in , sometimes terminal .
51 On Wednesday 13 February , we met for the second time with pensions as the agenda item .
52 When he and Adenauer met for the first time , de Gaulle records , ‘ We discussed Europe at length .
53 Sometimes they met for lunch or a theatre in London , on neutral ground , and both looked forward to these meetings as if they were occasions of almost illicit pleasure .
54 In one game , against Nottingham Forest , Stephenson was joined by another player who was to take a leading role in Chapman 's future — Grenadier Guardsman Charlie Buchan of Sunderland , whom Chapman met for the first time .
55 During those years we met for ‘ reunions ’ in New York and London and it was always wonderful to see her .
56 Why can I read you like a book , when we only met for the first time four days ago ?
57 It met for the first time on 25 February 1986 and includes representatives from the Departments of Transport , Environment , Employment , and Trade and Industry ; Kent County Council ; the district councils of ; elected members of Kent local authorities and Parliamentary constituencies ; Eurotunnel ; Transmanche Link ; and British Rail .
58 Only the Good Christ knows why we met for that .
59 ‘ Old Mr Misfortune ’ found consolation for his latest failure by marrying his 17-year-old bride , on the very day they met for the first time , 2 September 1719 .
60 Such is the force of tradition that when the newly instituted Parliament of Northern Ireland met for the first time in 1921 , its first act was to claim these ‘ undoubted and ancient privileges ’ .
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