Example sentences of "but [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 The term first appeared in the nonsense works of Edward Lear , but where it came from no one knows .
2 This campaign has not yet been applied to all Allied 's large stores , but where it has run , sales have increased and research shows a clear improvement in consumer perceptions .
3 But where it works , it works wonderfully .
4 But where it worked , it worked very well , not least because of the logic of the exchange : companies release staff to give occasional , specialist lectures , the college releases staff to give an occasional , specialist contribution to the production or service process .
5 Fashion areas are discrete and not democratized , by and large , but where it counts — in the discerning eye of the beholder — it has become an increasingly troublesome factor in determining who 's who .
6 The term of the grant is sixteen years , but where it appears that a patentee has been insufficiently remunerated , the Court may extend the term for a period not exceeding five , or , in an exceptional case , ten years .
7 A further situation might arise , however , in which the defendant alleges belief in consent on the basis of the victim 's consent to penetration but where it did not occur to him that she might not understand the nature of the act , although the risk of this was quite obvious .
8 It is most unlikely for an odour per se to cause actual physical damage , but where it causes a diminution in the selling value of the property or injures the plaintiff 's business by , for example , causing potential customers to be lost , this may be regarded as sufficient invasion of the plaintiff 's interest to be tortious .
9 It seemed improbable that the fine hot weather should continue right through the summer , but so it did for most of us .
10 It was odd that he had n't thought about that but immediately it came back to him , the name of the exchange , though Hilbert 's phone had been disconnected .
11 Finally we were told that a team had been formed but that it contained no skilful players , we remained sceptical !
12 It seems clear then that the Formalist position on all these issues ( authors , reality and ideas ) is not just an arbitrary preference , but that it stems from the concepts of defamiliarisation and literariness , whose differential basis will always serve to define literature in opposition to the things that it was traditionally viewed as expressing .
13 Thereby he had represented to the finance company that the van was not his but that it belonged to the trader .
14 The major criticism of this approach to describing organisations is not that it is inaccurate but that it ignores all the informal and interpersonal aspects of organisations and concentrates too heavily on the formal aspects of work organisations .
15 But that it took another oh quite a number of years really to get it started up .
16 For the point is this : not that myth refers us back to some original event which has been fancifully transcribed as it passed through the collective memory ; but that it refers us forward to something that will happen , that must happen .
17 If we group together all the industries that were predominantly in public ownership on the departure of the Labour government , we find that their total employment was thrown into decline in the North from 1978 to 1981 , but that it continued to grow in the South .
18 In fact , I would argue that not only does it do this , but that it goes much further , indicting all men in complicity for rape and insisting that they share the guilt .
19 There is a danger , if this is done , that it may be forgotten that pottery is not only a fascinating subject in its own right , but that it offers vital dating evidence for the chronology of the site , and the key sherds must appear in the body of the main report , with similar critical evidence .
20 It should therefore have been aware of the danger that he would try to cover his liabilities from whatever funds he had access to ( Eagle 's funds ) , but that it made no inquiries about the source of the monies or how he had met his obligations .
21 The opposition leader Hugh Gaitskell pressed the point and eventually , on 14 May , Eden was forced to admit that an underwater spying operation had been carried out against the Russian ships by Crabb but that it had been done without official approval .
22 Now , the issue here is not whether this was ‘ good ’ or ‘ bad ’ , the motive humanitarian or base , but that it had a tremendous impact upon the agriculture of the Third World at least in Latin America , South and South-east Asia .
23 Imagine my disappointment when I staggered down a hill in murky twilight after its purchase to find that not only had it been lying in the back seat of the car for the duration of my climb , but that it had failed to come up and get me when the daylight failed .
24 Writing to Brook about the Palestine Committee , a survivor from the Coalition , he said that its nominal chairman was Herbert Morrison but that it had ceased to function , its work having shifted to the Middle East Ministerial Committee under Ernest Bevin .
25 Katharine replied that she had done shoulder-in and hand had a go at half-pass , but that it had n't been very successful !
26 Wilkins also told magistrates that he had n't deliberately tipped his drink over the bar but that it had been an accident .
27 I explained how it was that as a child I had been told I was an eidetiker but that it had meant nothing to me .
28 ‘ This is what Fael-Inis wanted , ’ thought Taliesin , and knew , even as the thought formed , that Fael-Inis had not wanted it , but that it had been necessary .
29 A security man working at the centre said the injured man told him one of the gunmen put a sub-machine gun to his head , but that it had failed to go off .
30 Mark Whiteside ( 18 ) , said he had only recently started modelling but that it had all been good fun .
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