Example sentences of "but [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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31 An official statement declared that the decision was separate from the talks on the bases , but that it had been " influenced " by the Philippine government 's demand for the fighters to be removed by September 1991 .
32 Then , suddenly , he relented and told me that my proposed interview with you was recorded in your desk diary , but that it had been overlooked . ’
33 Suppose that v t is not serially uncorrelated , as restriction ( 7.3 ) requires , but that it bears the following , hitherto unsuspected relationship to :
34 The strength of a social institutional ideal , however , is not that it always attains its stated objectives , but that it establishes itself as the desirable norm .
35 We are forced to conclude that each microsociety has its own elaborated code , capable of indefinite extension , but that it presents an opaque front to the confrontation surfaces of other microsocieties .
36 He also says that the nickel content does not , for all practical purposes , make any difference to the hardness , but that it does make it more stain resistant .
37 When nuns make vows of celibacy they are saying that something is true for them in particular but that it does not belong to them .
38 It is recommended that the British government uses Article 20 to rehabilitate on-farm broadleaved woods in the LFA in conjunction with advice from the conservation authorities , but that it does not implement any provisions for afforestation because of the role of the Forestry Commission and private forestry companies in the UK .
39 I mentioned earlier that a particular meaning might be made accessible but that it does not necessarily follow that it will be acceptable .
40 Chuck House , senior vice-president of Informix , said exclusive distributor , Ascii Corp , had limitations in terms of strengthening Informix 's relationships with Japanese firms , but that it does want to continue its relationship with Ascii .
41 For quite a long time the prevailing view among economists had been that money does not affect the relative prices of commodities , but that it does determine the overall price level .
42 But that it does satisfy a need for a vast number of , of people who may be rather younger and poorer than er we who sit here .
43 As Wildavsky ( 1975 , p. 42 ) states : ‘ It is not so much that traditional budgeting succeeds brilliantly on every criterion but that it does not entirely fail on any one that is responsible for its longevity . ’
44 The problem is not just that buckminsterfullerene forms , but that it does so with such efficiency .
45 One torso is so weathered that little can be said but that it does seem to show the same primitive technique as Nikandre 's .
46 His view of this " delirious " material ( note the etymology of délire ) is that it breaks the rules of language ( grammar , syntax , semantic cohesion ) but that it does not mean nothing .
47 Most students of the phenomenon however , are convinced that it is ‘ real ’ but that it depends exquisitely on the context .
48 On the basis of the above analysis by the Court it might be more accurate to say that the test is a commercial one but that it relates not to the transfer of ownership of enterprises , but to the transfer of economic or organisational activities .
49 Specificity means that not only is a function lost or impaired after damage to one part of the brain but that it survives damage to other parts of the brain that , in turn , produces other effects .
50 Suppose that I claimed yesterday to know that it would rain in the afternoon , on the normal grounds ( weather forecast , gathering clouds , etc. ) , but that it turns out that I was wrong .
51 He knew that the universe was complex but that it obeyed certain rules , although , she supposed , he would n't have used the word ‘ obey ’ with its implication of conscious choice .
52 The second — Mr Lawson 's line -that demand is indeed slowing down , but that it takes a long time to affect the balance of payments .
53 Hoyle writes : ‘ My own recent work has caused me to doubt , not that evolution takes place , but that it takes place according to the usual theory of natural selection operating on randomly generated mutations .
54 It seems safest to conclude that this symbiotic relationship is the norm , but that it takes place to varying degrees according to policy , place and circumstance .
55 He was quite prepared to argue the case that savage practices might be integral to a culture : ‘ We may not like the notion of cannibalism or head-hunting , but that it formed part of a distinct and tenable form of culture in Melanesia is indisputable . ’
56 It does n't follow that the cap/name link disappears but that it becomes so to say transpersonalized .
57 Aristotle said something very interesting in that extract from the Politics which I quoted earlier ; he said that women have a deliberative faculty but that it lacks full authority .
58 He contests that petty commodity production is a separate mode of production from the capitalist one , but that it articulates with it to facilitate the expanded reproduction of the capitalist mode ( Quijano 1974 ) .
59 The natural way to interpret the EPR experiment is not that it shows up the incompleteness of quantum theory but that it manifests the falsity of naive locality .
60 Remember that Dickens was writing before Freud had begun to uncover the immense complexity of the human personality , before William James 's pioneering work on consciousness , which showed that our conscious mind is not solid but that it runs like a stream , swirling endlessly around symbols , associations from the past ; always moving , never at rest .
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