Example sentences of "be [vb pp] the next " in BNC.

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1 But when all has been considered the next and final step is the survey itself .
2 When a draft schedule has been produced the next stage is what I have referred to previously as ‘ internal testing ’ .
3 She had fully expected to be dismissed the next morning , but nothing was said and she did n't ask .
4 He was to be joined the next day by his mistress , Felicity .
5 According to this law , if a response made in the presence of a particular stimulus is followed by a reward , that same response is more likely to be made the next time the stimulus is encountered .
6 You do not need to send your releases to everyone who might be interested if this is likely to delay getting them into the post ; that can always be done the next morning .
7 The cost was £105 , including the organist and £3 for the box for the ashes , which , I was told , could be collected the next morning .
8 She was a very nice girl named Eugena , I think , and there were guards at the end of the hotel corridors , I remember giving them the slip and wandering around Khabarovsk on my own in a snowstorm , only to be told the next day that there was quite a bit of excitement in the city during the night because a Siberian tiger had come into the city and was wandering the streets at the same time I was !
9 In general , mistakes here are small , and can be corrected the next year .
10 Note that if this keyword is used without the module 's manager having set a PREFERRED version , an error message will be displayed the next time an attempt is made to read the module out of LIFESPAN .
11 Saturday 's abandoned match at Morley will probably have to be played the next week , followed by the trip to Liverpool St Helens on the final Saturday of the season .
12 Mollie says she wo n't be fooled the next time a conman comes to call
13 If you 've backed a couple of horses , and if you 'll be gone the next day , you stay there like everybody else and listen to the commentaries .
14 News of these defeats was received by telegram at Saint Cloud on the night of 4 — 5 August , to be followed the next day by news of two further defeats at the battles of Reichshoffen and Forbach .
15 On day three all the butterflies were dead as was one angel , to be followed the next day by the other .
16 According to the report five officers had planned to use two military helicopters to bomb the headquarters during a joint meeting of government ministers and the Revolutionary Command Council ( RCC ) to discuss the austerity measures to be announced the next day .
17 The nets are released at dusk , and drift with the ocean 's currents and winds , fishing the rich top 15 metres ( 50 feet ) of the sea , to be retrieved the next day .
18 Sometimes an impacted basket can be delivered the next day , when the ampullary oedema subsides .
19 My ticket would be sent the next day .
20 She was sitting up in bed learning the chant which was to be tested the next day .
21 The actual wedding was to be held the next day , and then Changez and Jamila would stay at the Ritz for a couple of nights .
22 Leroy Burns was rebuking a demonstrator , who had arrived to take part in a rally to be held the next day against racism and the National Young Conservatives .
23 It is hoped to attract 500 people to each of the two performances and to follow up the event with an ‘ Open Day ’ to be held the next week at which the public will be encouraged to try Medau for themselves .
24 Once the relevant occupier or occupiers have been identified the next stage is to ascertain the status of the plaintiff .
25 Under RSC , Ord 65 , r 7 , if service is effected after 4 pm on a weekday or 12 noon on a Saturday , service is deemed to have been effected the next day or on Monday as the case may be .
26 When customers buy on sunny days and then change their minds when the goods are delivered the next day , a rainy day , goods are returned frequently in wet plastic sheets .
27 21–7 Between 200 and 300 Glasgow Fair visitors were brought by the steamer " Islay " and more were expected the next two days .
28 It was obviously much easier during the Kaiser 's war when a short sharp Court Martial was followed by the offender being shot the next morning .
29 Iida 's remains were buried the next day .
30 We were awakened the next morning by Sir Henry Bowyer 's rough arrival accompanied by at least a dozen likely-looking rogues .
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