Example sentences of "be [vb pp] the next " in BNC.

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31 The police were called the next day .
32 Taking two , freshly caught Highland sea-trout , he placed them on the mud flats below the bridge , where they were found the next morning .
33 During his rapid exit from the balloon carriage Sadler had lost both his signal flags , but these were found the next day in a field near Burton Pedwardine by Mr Edward Robinson , together with Sadler 's hat , cushion and , understandably , his broken thermometer !
34 El País reported that " a dozen " Nahda leaders were detained the next day .
35 The formal US indictments were issued the next day .
36 But limited partnerships are rare , private companies , which were sanctioned the next year by the Companies Act 198 , having proved more popular .
37 But he 's done the next best thing by getting himself a uniform and a car .
38 They 've never seen the people they phone them every week saying do you want a fifty pound advert in a paper which is dumped the next day .
39 A comrade is talking to you one moment and is gone the next , either blasted beyond recognition or seriously wounded .
40 Voltaire , an altogether more sympathetic figure , who incidentally used to serve himself the best Burgundy while giving his guests vin ordinaire , observed in one of his philosophical tales that la lune de miel is followed the next month by la lune de l'absinthe . ] )
41 A special chart can be drawn by the parents showing the days of the week and every night the child has a dry bed a special sticker is awarded the next morning for the child to stick on the chart .
42 After the prize structure has been established the next most important decisions will concern the competition format .
43 Posters appeared in some villages advertising what was intended the next market day and calling on " one and all " to join in .
44 The patient was discharged the next day .
45 This leaven was added the next time baking bread was done .
46 The clause on which they finally agreed and which was adopted the next day as part of the constitution , read instead : Persons who can hear , taking an active interest in the welfare or education of the deaf and dumb , shall be eligible for admission to ordinary membership on the recommendation of five ordinary members of the Association .
47 The young dog was shot the next day .
48 The headline in the London Evening Standard 's report — I 'm sorry , says man on murder charge — was transformed the next day into the more familiar story of girl hitch-hiker getting herself into trouble .
49 He died in London 13 January 1613 , and was buried the next day at All Saints the Less .
50 It was agreed the next day that I was run down .
51 On Soviet television on Sept. 4 Shevardnadze ( a Georgian ) called on Gamsakhurdia to " restore dialogue " with his opponents , but was accused the next day by Gamsakhurdia of being " an enemy of Georgia " , involved with Sigua and Khoshtaria in a " plot " organized by the " communist mafia " .
52 Susanna was born the next May .
53 Endill was tired the next day but slept underneath the floorboards in History class .
54 She was woken the next morning by Bridget , who appeared in her room carrying a cup of tea and a copy of the Sunday Herald .
55 They left the dance together and her body was found the next morning in a deep pool of water near a local footpath .
56 Witnesses working near the river bank in Gloucester where a body was found the next day , told the jury at Bristol Crown Court of hearing screams .
57 Her body was found the next February and a man , hospital radiographer Frederic Blancke , was charged with murder .
58 Just as the family was beginning to get over the tragedy , Dawn 's older sister , Sheila , 6 , vanished from home and was found the next day , drowned in a canal .
59 In the 1977 US survey , people were asked to give the order of importance that they attached to various different types of disclosure information about credit terms , and more ( 62 per cent ) mentioned APRs first than even the size of their monthly payment ( which was judged the next most important ) .
60 Jones was arrested the next day and admitted responsibility .
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