Example sentences of "be [adj] the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ We are sorry the bid was not successful but I am sure that , given the great community spirit here , the fund-raisers will not give up , ’ said Miss Gilroy .
2 We are sorry the photograph conflicted with the advice on our Solutions page .
3 Items are posted to the individual ledger accounts in the usual way but when the postings are complete the total is posted to the control account .
4 Once restoration and cleaning are complete the windows will go back inside new ventilated clear glass cases and non-corroding magnesium bronze frames .
5 he said he 'd been through recently , oh every time I 've been through Wolverhampton that ring road 's been awful the traffic like
6 It must also be said of Poland that its society has been most resistant to Communist influence and , that of all East European countries , the gap between the state and its society has been greatest The LWP has not gone out of its way to act as the arbiter of events ; rather , it has had this role thrust upon it by Party factionalism and weakness .
7 When on 5 September the Lords Lieutenant of the four most northerly counties were ordered to make their respective militias ready for immediate service , it emerged that neither Northumberland nor Durham had been reimbursed by central government for the money they had previously spent in keeping the force mustered , while the authorities in Cumberland admitted candidly : ‘ T is so long since the militia was raised that we are apprehensive the arms are either lost or in bad order . ’
8 Although the revs are low the blades are still turning so he has it tilted back on the iron roller .
9 If the systems are weak the sample size may need to be increased .
10 I can only conclude by saying that I am sorry the situation has developed the way it has .
11 It is difficult for us to see what Polybius added to his history after 146 , but where the additions are clear the anxiety and the warning are equally clear .
12 There will be a single budget which we 've always argued for in the management committee the head of centre will and this is very important and I hope members are clear the head of centre which is the head of the Moat Centre which is the proposed under the amendment will be appointed within this financial year , will be appointed out of the existing budget .
13 A man 's appetites are half the man , and must be known if you would understand him . ’
14 In the Barton pavement this is not so : in sensitive areas , e.g. the face of Orpheus , the tesserae are well selected and are half the size of those in a comparable position in the former .
15 Autobacs ' batteries are half the price of those sold in an ordinary garage .
16 They can be used on Sega hardware but are half the price .
17 Fruit and vegetables are half the price of home and sacks of oranges and lemons are virtually given away .
18 The technology requires less capital investment and about half the production time , and the panels are half the price , the company claims .
19 Karrimor is promoting its Adventure Travel range , which includes the excellent Tinamou trousers ( £33 ) , and Rohan has just brought out the tracksuit-style Gobi pants ( £35 ) , which are half the weight of their original Bags .
20 At only 12″ ( 30cm ) in size the plants are half the height of those from over 100 years ago .
21 When the lessons from the pilot survey have been fully learned alterations can be made where necessary , but if the work done prior to the pilot has been adequate the alterations consequent upon it should not be great .
22 Still , he was young and she had been afraid the house would be full of only old people .
23 But the long term aim is to make it all dual carriageway … hopes are high the government will announce this in a couple of years .
24 Squeeze packs therefore have a great deal to commend them but where quantities of wash water requiring dosing are high the amount of detergent thus available is too low .
25 LISTREL will supply default responses to most or all of the prompts on the pages ; if the defaults are acceptable the user can just press RETURN after viewing the page , but if changes are required to the defaults the user must TAB to each prompt to edit the response .
26 As long as there is an abundant supply of water high temperatures tend to be associated with high rates of weathering , although this does not necessarily result in deep weathering profiles for , as we have already noted , where slope gradients are steep the products of weathering may be removed almost as soon as they are created .
27 I am afraid the cutting or the great Toxicodendron [ poison ivy ] is perished ; for it lay at the bottom of the box , where there had been wet .
28 ‘ You got in my way , ’ Kopyion stated in a cold , humourless manner , ‘ and I am afraid the consequences will be grave . ’
29 I am afraid the blame lies with the saboteurs .
30 I readily acknowledge that this is a very difficult request but I am afraid the timescale has to he met .
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