Example sentences of "be [adj] the [noun] " in BNC.

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31 I caught the rollerskating bit but am afraid the rest of it must have passed me by .
32 The pastoral work of the church can not be done without adequate financial support and I am afraid the support we are getting at the moment is simply not enough for all we are doing . ’
33 I am afraid the lighting is not ideal . ’
34 ‘ I am afraid the view will not now be as good as I promised , ’ Lubor apologised .
35 If we could succeed in defining accurately and agreeing upon the meaning of the terms which we are employing , then I am afraid the House of Commons would be very largely deserted .
36 Because the trust is a foreign trust and the original sources of the income are foreign the payments give rise to a Case V , Schedule D source .
37 Towards dawn , she said to his sleeping back that he loved his employers more than he loved her and if he had been half the man he thought himself , he would have left them rather than abandon her .
38 ‘ Ebeneezer Goode ’ would n't have been half the phenomenon it was without that promo vid .
39 It was an enormously thorough and comprehensive review of the case , running to four volumes and more than 1200 pages , yet it would have been better if it had been half the length and taken half the time .
40 I 've wanted you all the time , that 's what 's been half the trouble , thinking I was never going to have you again . "
41 Are this the lot with the doughnuts ?
42 When the motives are wrong the venue is nearly always far less than the best .
43 ( If both ends are free the boundary condition is cosh ml = + 1 . )
44 ‘ I am delighted the A.S.A. has launched a special enquiry into it , and I shall be very interested to see what conclusions they come up with .
45 Horatia , Connell and the girl whom Horatia has employed as a nursemaid , are ill-treating the boy and that is unforgivable . "
46 When you are pre-recording the music , remember to record it at a constant high level so that you can make all the downward level adjustments when the final transfer is made onto the video tape ; this minimises tape hiss .
47 Incomers tend to see this in class terms as well — pilots are generally upper crust , while engineers are more down to earth ( socially as well as literally' ) Since many incomer workers are ex-military the distinction is often phrased in military terms : officers and ‘ other ranks ’ .
48 The biggest reason for Asia 's sceptical eye on the Gulf , though , is that not many Asians are convinced the fight makes any difference .
49 Friends of Morton said : ‘ We are convinced the princess has come under unbelievable pressure to issue this statement .
50 But many leading scientists are convinced the find at Yekaterinburg will end the mystery .
51 Those packing into the ground are convinced the USA passage is booked and that worries striker Niall Quinn .
52 But Solly Adam and Mohammad Tanvir , who have strong links with local league cricket , are convinced the battle against racism is being won -although few Asian youngsters are breaking through .
53 Milton Keynes Police are convinced the attackers are local and will be sporting obvious injuries .
54 Although ANTA 's new location can make it difficult to get raw materials in and finished product out , the Stewarts are convinced the move north was a good one geographically .
55 Her parents are convinced the killer is a local man and begged him to give himself up .
56 Seve 's always been convinced the Americans have got it in for him , anyway , but he 's said that about the French , the Italians , the Japanese .
57 Barry Higgs , chairman of the British Fertiliser Manufacturers Association said : ‘ We are delighted the Commission appears to have agreed with everything we were protesting about .
58 Barry Higgs , chairman of the British Fertiliser Manufacturers Association , said : ‘ We are delighted the Commission appears to have agreed with everything we were protesting about .
59 When sequences are similar the team will indicate their preferences so a rough cut can be made by the editor , who joins all the desired sequences together and cuts the whole thing to the exact time .
60 Mr Paul Bagni , general manager of Dalgety , said : ‘ I am convinced the pilot was aiming for an old airfield behind our plant but came down just short of it . ’
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