Example sentences of "have just [vb pp] [adv] [art] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ The only thing that can be said is that somebody has just snuffed out a very special person who was going to achieve an incredible amount in life .
2 Made to Measure ( 0243 533333 ) has just brought out a ‘ Family Skiing ’ brochure featuring child-friendly hotels in France , Switzerland , Austria and the US .
3 Karrimor is promoting its Adventure Travel range , which includes the excellent Tinamou trousers ( £33 ) , and Rohan has just brought out the tracksuit-style Gobi pants ( £35 ) , which are half the weight of their original Bags .
4 Jackie Gardner takes exhibits to horticultural shows all over the country and the nursery has just picked up a Gold Medal at Chelsea .
5 The French prime minister has just thrown down a gauntlet to America on agricultural trade : he wants to rewrite the deal recently struck by America and the EC on farm exports ( see page 92 ) .
6 Jacques Poos , the foreign minister of Luxembourg ( which has just taken over the Community 's rotating presidency ) , expressed the hope that he would be authorised to visit Baghdad on its behalf .
7 Samantha Ward Tadman , 10 , of Rhyl , has just taken up the cello , and after only a few months , the prize-winning pianist has passed her first cello exam Picture : PHIL MICHEU
8 It is typical of British tennis that Annabel Croft , who had not played a serious match for five years , should celebrate a light-hearted comeback by beating one of our brightest prospects who has just taken up the game professionally .
9 Pa has just pulled up the sleeves of his jacket and taken the Monster from Ma .
10 Now six months behind in getting version one out the door , SAG has just pulled together the first snapshot of technologies which the specification will use .
11 It is , therefore , worth bearing in mind that if you want a new tank , and have a friend who has just set up a new fish-house , you might do well to order through him/her …
12 And Kode has just set up a new marketing company , Kamtronics , to sell all high-volume printed circuit boards made in the Far East to the UK and Europe .
13 The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society offers help for families who have lost babies and has just set up a Darlington branch .
14 I 'd just made rather a good job of denting his back bumper . ’
15 ‘ I think I 'd just made quite a good speech but I thought they were joking , ’ he says .
16 Having just mopped up the minority in Siemens-Nixdorf , would Siemens be ready to admit a new investor into the company ?
17 With IMG having just signed up the Wallabies , JIM TUCKER listens to Nick Farr-Jones ' advocacy of greater rewards for the players .
18 So if we 'd have just carried on the way that was going , I mean , that got it from ninety thousand in just over a year to , to seventy nine thousand in five months .
19 I think I 've just sewn up a deal on a new account . ’
20 Oh we we 've just sent out a six thousand mailer .
21 Well I was I 've looked , Peter Davis , North Yorkshire , I 've just glanced down the table at certainly at the er my Greater York district colleagues , and er certainly we er are rather surprised that er you have the impression that you have the impression that er erm we could do without the erm the new settlement , quite clearly erm erm certainly Harrogate , Selby , er and Ryedale , and the County Council , believe the the new settlement is absolutely essential , erm and I think that 's erm erm certainly a matter of agreement between er us and those three districts , it 's absolutely essential .
22 give us time to get dressed , she says oh hurry up now and we 've just come out the bath
23 Unfortunately for our timing one of the hosts suddenly said , ‘ I 'm sure you do n't want any coffee , Prime Minister , you 've just come off the plane .
24 ‘ I 've just come off the Isle of Man boat . ’
25 ‘ We 've just picked up a message on the Miletti family line , dottore .
26 ( 4 ) Rigby Electronics ( Harvard OTC ) " They 've just brought out a device for checking whether a credit card belongs to a particular person or not .
27 What I 've just described there a f is a full and complete contract and you tick down there .
28 I 've just had rather a disturbing meeting with one of my girlfriends . ’
29 ‘ I 've just got rather a cold , ’ she said .
30 we thought oh they 've just got out the guarantee .
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