Example sentences of "have just [vb pp] [adv] [art] " in BNC.

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31 Well no , if you remember they they 've just started now a review of nineteen ninety three 's reorganisation because everything that moved from Newark to West Bridgford has moved back again
32 So we were back before the firebox , exhausted and happy , and Laura had just shut down the kiln , when Edward came round into the yard again .
33 When Edmund had left her she had wandered as far as the orchard , and had just pushed aside the crooked wicker gate to re-enter the garden when she heard the latch of the heavier postern rattle .
34 Next to a photograph of John were a few words of text which Chris had just written off the top of his head :
35 One night she had just blown out the light when she had the sudden feeling that someone had entered the room .
36 Lonrho had just bought out the brewing concern Heinrichs , which in 1964 had started another daily , called the Zambia Times , and a weekly , the Zambia News .
37 He had just picked up a particularly attractive ring , when a girl 's voice said , ‘ That 's not for sale . ’
38 A radio ham called Tony and an ambulance driver who had just picked up a man with bandaged fingers who was suffering from exposure .
39 ’ It had just picked up the muzak .
40 The first time he sang the poem Bilbo had just handed over the Ring and was off to Rivendell ; the words accordingly express a sense of abdication , of having been left behind , along with determination to accept this and make a new life somewhere as yet unknown .
41 Ron had just put down the telephone .
42 Scarlet had just thrown away a bunch of dried Proveņcal flowers which had adorned her sideboard for over a year and was already feeling slightly better : she thought that if only she could rearrange all the furniture , she might be cured , but it seemed too drastic a step to take .
43 And a man to whom she had just thrown down a deliberate challenge .
44 And then I met someone from the Kaplan galleries which showed thinking bishops in their robes such as you see in the windows of the galleries in St James'/ The gallery had just taken on a new director and were proposing to show modern art — people like Tinguely and Marcelle Cahn who at that time were n't known .
45 At Festival time 1983 , Fania Williams , who had just taken over the Tron in Glasgow , asked me if I was interested in fairy tales .
46 I had just taken over the Chair and I thought that he was making an intervention .
47 ‘ Robert had just taken over the Seconds , but was called back to play in the first team .
48 It 'll change as you get older erm you wo n't necessarily just have that all the time we used to run these courses for students who had just come out of college and they were joining their company to work for the first first time and we used to do this and we used to find that many of the people who had just taken out the job for the first time had very very flat scores .
49 Mrs Stych had just set down the last of her bags of groceries on the kitchen counter and begun to unpack them , when there was the sound of a heavy truck drawing up outside her house .
50 At last the restoration was completed and R5868 looked as if it had just come off the production line , a fine tribute to F/L Peaple and his team .
51 The tot , Britain 's most premature surviving child , had just come off the danger list after a three-month fight for life .
52 The front of the jeep was as clean as if it had just come off the boat from Japan .
53 I have just cleared away the tea things . ’
54 Hagglers need nerve , particularly the ability to keep calm when they have just turned down an offer but can not yet be sure that another is forthcoming , says the book .
55 Infanticide by males which have just taken over a harem is probably common in nature in many species : it has been observed several times in the Hanuman langur ( Presbytis entellus , a species of primate ) and has been anecdotally recorded in many other mammals .
56 ‘ My husband and I have just taken out a massive loan to finance the purchase of offices and manufacturing equipment .
57 I have just put together a mail shot which I am sending to all Premier League chairmen .
58 Logic Promotions , those people who do the Number One range of instrument care products — fingerboard oil , and so on — have just brought out a new set of unusual and rather delectable guitar cables .
59 That 's why Haliborange have just brought out a new Multivitamin Liquid containing essential vitamins A to E in the proportions that a growing child needs .
60 ‘ They put a delayed payment on it — and we have just picked up the cheque . ’
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