Example sentences of "let me just " in BNC.

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1 For now , let me just stress :
2 Let me just say : I remember you and I remember Daniel .
3 ‘ Hold still now , let me just fix this … there now . ’
4 First of all , let me just say that everything I am going to tell you is the complete and absolute truth .
5 ‘ First of all , let me just say that everything I am going to tell you is the complete and absolute truth . ’
6 Before you begin , let me just ask you one little question : how much do you know about the world of the contemporary carpet … ? ’
7 Let me just have one more look — ’ Angalo began .
8 Let me just put you in the picture there Brian , what , what Lorne has agreed subject to what guarantees have been given
9 Let me just sum it up .
10 Let me just finish off now by illustrating what leads to the outcome and how a a of a particular infectious condition and the combination of the factors that we think lead to these outcomes .
11 Let me just check who , what the the the representation of this audience .
12 Let me just finish this off .
13 Let me just very briefly read you one or two of the things it says .
14 Let me just get down there .
15 Er let me just say that aloud
16 Let me just imagine it !
17 I 'm c look let me just give him the two options .
18 You let me just put my foot on that shore , you 'll never get me here again ! ’
19 So let me just check .
20 Er let me just check
21 Now let me just Is that okay ?
22 I ca n't remember if it 's two weeks or four weeks , let me just check .
23 Okay , so let me just write that on the back , Monday to Friday and that 's nine to four thirty .
24 heart , but er let me just check your blood pressure this morning .
25 But let me just tell you this ; self-pity will destroy you far more assuredly then Ryan could ever have done . ’
26 Now let me just work through this with you so as er wh you know it 's unfortunate there 's such a lot in these things that er
27 Erm , let me just demonstrate how it works .
28 I 've got a file called income two , and let me just erase what 's here first of all .
29 Let me just put the directory back to where it was .
30 As I have the text in front of me , let me just remind him of the conclusions of the comparison between the preparedness of British young people and German young people for employment on the strength of the education and training systems in the two countries .
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