Example sentences of "let me just " in BNC.

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31 Let me just do this from er Road police station .
32 Let me just try something .
33 Erm in fact a similar effect happens , I 'll be mentioning this in the lecture but let me just mention it now .
34 Erm , I do need to see you some time erm let me just just see erm , but I 've got your erm your last term 's report here that we need to meet to discuss .
35 Let me just explain , if you ca n't make it , or if you do n't want to do it , I will er re-do it all again in the lecture next Friday at eleven .
36 Well , let me just quickly answer Alex 's point before I come back er to , to , to erm and Jake .
37 Ah , let me just say what leaders of peacetime Margaret was after early life was that a cold mother who was erm , full of personality People of London biography of the leader of the Conservative , because at least half the book is about
38 About Let me just w Yes seven .
39 And let me just before we take the music remind you of er the front page of the daily mirror today .
40 They may , let me just explain the track then , in those situations they may well be investing in the depots , maintenance and so on , but let me just
41 They may , let me just explain the track then , in those situations they may well be investing in the depots , maintenance and so on , but let me just
42 let me just go beyond
43 Let me just suggest to you that you are sending all the wrong signals on women , on Party constitution , on economic matters , on policy matters , the modernizers have lost the impetus , they 're sending the wrong signals .
44 Er to crash a er right let me just read er right er okay .
45 Look no let me just tell you what the
46 Yeah , well let me just say first , I 'm an agony aunt , a medical journalist , I 've got a psychology degree , I 've written health books , and as a punter I took Prozac by accident .
47 let me just get back that was abhorrent as a word w has already been used and er should be used again by what you said , you saw s somebody being raped by two soldiers .
48 Erm , let me just erm of the , of the change , the five million change it 's , it 's in accounts for over four and there is small odds and ends changes otherwise .
49 Erm , let me just see in the report if you look at the nineteen eighties erm yes , between nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty nine , the volume of agricultural trade , alright , grew by twenty six percent , alright , now that was a third of the growth of manufactures , alright , manufactures were growing by nearly ninety percent over that period , alright .
50 members to members , and not perhaps for officers to interfere too much other than to give you background information , and it has been falling off , let me just say that .
51 Yes , hang on , hang on let me just , I think that agreement is a bit loose although I 'm grateful to mention those new specific groups er , because I think if , if we 're , if we 're allocating this sort of money , we would , we would want some er , some guarantees
52 well I 'm a bit puzzled why , why you want to know all this and you think because I have n't given , given a good benefit that 's why a good temporary benefit , that 's why I 'm puzzled , say well let me just take you back to why I 'm h why I 'm here , let me get out of our meeting you 're gon na find this extremely valuable , perhaps for the first half we will spend time looking at your financial put you on the path to achieve financial .
53 Now let me just add very quickly here , I am not going to tell you or anyone that I got the best out of Bomber Command .
54 But as I am reflecting now , let me just leave you with this thought about morale .
55 For those of you who erm get a little er flustered at the at electrophysiological concepts , let me just erm begin the lecture by erm reminding you that when we talk about the current through a channel , all we 're talking about is a flux .
56 And let me just remind you of the principles of this technique .
57 Okay let me just summarize what we 've erm covered today then .
58 The promise and the fulfilment , let me just give you a couple of verses there in John fourteen , John make er , Jesus he makes this statement to his disciples , in John fourteen , in verses sixteen and seventeen , and I will ask the Father and he will give you another helper , another word for the Holy Spirit , that he may be with you forever .
59 And , let me just read you the , it 's quite a short parable this one .
60 Let me just read you the the o the er , the appropriate verses from Luke fifteen , and the opening seven verses .
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