Example sentences of "[vb base] [pron] [modal v] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 I mean them let's face it one out the three of us should of thought a bit more .
2 And while we eat I 'll entertain you with tales of Robin .
3 Mibbe I should send it back .
4 ‘ I regret I must leave you at the door , Lady Isabel .
5 for strength — I fear I shall find it difficult in the heat :
6 I du n no I mean I 'll mention it to the deputy again and say look we 're getting towards the end of a financial year , there will be some departments underspent because er suppliers ca n't meet deadlines and really you should keep in mind that w we have n't got er we ca n't just pluck five thousand pounds out of our budget .
7 I mean I 'll bung them in to you at some point
8 I mean I 'll bring them back again .
9 I 'll see how the weather goes I mean I might hang it out I do n't know .
10 I mean I would do you er have ?
11 I do n't want to be tied , I want to leave my options free so that I can do whatever I want , I do n't need the extra responsibility , I mean I 'd like them but I just , I want my career first .
12 See what you 've done though , but erm I mean I 'd hate you just
13 pound fifty or something for like a shampoo and rinse I mean I 'd use it if I go in there .
14 Stay with that a minute , erm , erm , I mean I would n't have thought we were in a position to give an assurance that er erm , that that no other complaints which appear to be outside the local ombu ombudsman 's restriction will be dealt with by support staff , I mean I should think we 're continuing looking continually looking for ways of dealing with complaints at the most efficient and effective way , and if that
15 Erm I mean I should think you want to take some shorts in case it 's warm do you .
16 I mean I must admit I 've looked at some other flats .
17 No I 'd just be , I mean I must admit I 've , I 've not really seen one for years and years and years .
18 And this is confusing , I mean I must admit it is confusing and even , even s writers in the psychoanalytic literature get confused by this , because sometimes they , they er do n't see that to some extent the two systems are overlapping and to some extent they 're about di slightly different things .
19 I mean I must say it looks a bit bitty but erm er now you see up there they 've got the same , similar sort of style really to those houses .
20 I mean I used to fancy him really badly .
21 I mean I can move it and I can make i but I , I do n't
22 Well I mean I can assure them that the , the National Rivers Authority in the Thames region is monitoring rivers on a daily basis throughout the year and that we would hope to deal with pollution incidents as they occur , and we would hope with our monitoring and the pressure we put on third parties to er actually over the years , to improve things from what they are at the moment and to make things better .
23 I mean I can give you a little example erm I was once trying to add up a series of figures in the middle of an admissions exercise , and one of the other one of the men said to me ‘ oh , come on , you 're far too pretty to do mental arithmetic ’ and I completely lost my train of thought , I got rather confused .
24 I mean I can give it to you to take it in tomorrow morning
25 yeah , well I mean I can cook you a , a meal on it , but if you ca n't , you ca n't can ya ?
26 well no , I mean I can conceive it quite well
27 I , I mean I can tell you the names of the of all , everybody in them days , round the fleck area like , you know .
28 I mean I can tell you that there 's water in the pipe if you 're thirsty , but you need to go to the pipe with a glass and turn the tap on in order to er not to be thirsty any more , in order to receive the water .
29 I mean I can tell you .
30 in some ways to though , I mean I can understand I think people , some people
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