Example sentences of "[vb base] [pron] [modal v] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 I mean I can understand it in this day and age , people trying
32 I take I mean I can take them but I 'm not too fond of taking tablets
33 Mm but I , I mean I can use it as it is now but anything else on to it I would find it difficult .
34 I mean I can help you a certain , a certain amount ,
35 Well yeah , no I 've light bulbs I mean I could make you a list down but it does n't matter I can get that tomorrow Ann I 'll go down tomorrow you know , I 'll be up in time .
36 That 's the point , I mean I could do it .
37 I mean I could do I think they 're fascinating and important — but I would prefer instead actually to talk about Darwinism Darwin as a biologist , rather than Darwin as a philosopher or as a influencer of morals and religious beliefs and so on .
38 ‘ You mean I could use them to help in the search ? ’
39 But it was I mean I could hear it over the telly .
40 If you skate with the same passion as you preach I dare say you will have the whole parish at your feet . ’
41 ‘ I expect I 'll give it a miss , ’ said Hilary .
42 ‘ I expect I 'll see you in the office , ’ he said .
43 ‘ I expect I 'll survive it . ’
44 I expect I 'll survive it somehow .
45 ‘ I expect I can make him understand , ’ she replied .
46 Right then , yes , I expect I can fit you — sure , July 17th will be just perfect — I 'll just cancel my holiday and postpone the opening … no , I 'll just write it in , no , no thank you .
47 Before I forget I 'll put them in the microwave .
48 Erm the the railway track , erm once it was extended through to and I say I 'll give you the details on that in a minute , erm went over the er Road , and then the track that was nearest to er the town , was curved in and joined that other line erm and er went off to .
49 So I say I 'll ring him back .
50 say that 's not fair , say I shall miss you then wo n't I ?
51 I may be tempted to offer the spontaneous inclination itself as reason for my choice , and say I shall do it because I want to do it ; but in examining myself objectively I see that a fact about my wants and likes would be directly relevant only to a causal explanation of my actions , and could be used in deciding what to do only as I use any other objective facts .
52 Sorry I ca n't really sort of say I must admit I could n't really see why they should be like that really cos I mean it is a bit puzzling cos if they 've only just done anything , they 've only been tampering with this finger so
53 I say I will use it while I am here and give it back when I go .
54 Yeah say I can do it Wednesday nights , apart from that , you know it 's too bad sort of thing !
55 Sorry that 's er , only place I could grab you !
56 If you want I 'll cut you it in half otherwise .
57 But if you want I shall attend him . "
58 ‘ You want I should remind you ? ’ he asked .
59 I 've got a bit on that , if you want I could bring it up now while you 're talking about it , I will .
60 If they 're abroad I suggest you leave them out , if they 're still in the country I suggest you can leave them in .
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