Example sentences of "[verb] just [vb pp] [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 After all this is the woman whose husband has just run off with Felicity Kendal .
2 On top of all that Prince Charles , heir to the throne and the man destined to become the Church 's supreme governor , has just split up with his wife and divorce looks likely .
3 The madman has just flown in from Rome on a whim , to spend a few days with me here .
4 He wrote : ‘ If someone has just stepped out of your life you 'll be better reaching for this single than a bottle , razor blade or handkerchief . ’
5 Sir Adrian Cadbury , who has just stepped down as chairman of Cadbury Schweppes , has been appointed a member of the Takeover and Mergers Panel .
6 There are others who are n't even dancing : one who has just gone over to the veranda and plunged his hand into the vat of boiling oil so he could offer a hot puri to a child in tears : another who is standing in the midst of the dancers being continually buffeted as they come and go , and hungrily eating a plateful of raw rice grains .
7 A disused Victorian toilet block has just gone up for sale .
8 My first book was an experiment to see if I could write and it has just gone on from there . ’
9 A book about voodoo in Haiti written in the 1930s might seem an unlikely candidate for an NI Classic — especially since it has just gone out of print .
10 but er one of our major competitors has just gone out of business so we 'll get a spin off from that both in both in estates er and in the hotel scene so
11 Using the hypothetical examples above , for instance , this is how it might work out : skilled employment ( 4 ) the top possible score : employment duration — she has just gone back to work ( 1 ) ; housing — she has had to move to a smaller flat(l) so has n't been there long ( 0 ) ; she does have a bank account ( 4 ) ; but is separated ( 0 ) ; and quite young ( 2 ) .
12 A middle-aged building worker who arrived at the palace — his first time in such a place — after his marriage had broken up , said , " I was a little bit disgusted , they do n't treat you as if you were just unemployed , they treat you like a person who has just crawled out of the gutter . "
13 But the reason I have sat down so quickly is because the old man has just popped out on the northbound platform .
14 It has just woken up after fifteen thousand years . ’
15 When I quip that he sounds as if he has just come round from anaesthetic , Eva says , ‘ He has . ’
16 He would always teach trainees : " If a client asks you a question you do n't understand , say — " Hold on a minute sir , a call has just come through to me from the States " — put him on hold then , and ask me .
17 ‘ This report has just come in from the Environments Officer .
18 One British firm has just come back from France with almost £1m for its contribution towards landscaping .
19 ‘ He has just come back from Canada and he will go back to Canada . ’
20 A film editor friend has just come back from a couple of weeks of yoga , a music producer I know goes to St James , Piccadilly , where they have spiritual talks on a Monday evening , while a designer friend does Chi-Kung , a Chinese movement like Tai-Chi , where you have to ‘ stand like a tree ’ .
21 It has just come out with Networker for 80386 machines supporting Santa Cruz Unix and MS-DOS and will include UnixWare in the same ClientPak II later .
22 One has just come out of prison after doing two years for bodily harm .
23 Paul Langford 's ‘ A Polite and Commercial People , England 1727–83 ’ has just come out in paperback ( Oxford , £10.95 ) .
24 And another of them has just come out after doing time for burglary . ’
25 Occasionally flicking back a stray blonde hair , Mrs Bottomley comes to the despatch box as if she has just leapt out of a hair spray advert .
26 The show is hip and happening , dude : the audience looks as if it has just walked in off the King 's Road , the post-modernish set is ultra-cool , the show 's titles are dazzling , the best I 've seen on British television .
27 He has just walked out into a spectacular summer storm .
28 Pierre Berton , who wrote the books , has just got back from Vancouver .
29 Flight Lieutenant Gareth Williams MHCIMA , formerly training officer at the RAF School of Catering , Aldershot , has been promoted to Squadron Leader and has just taken over as Officer Commanding Catering Squadron , at RAF St Athan , Barry , Wales .
30 Mr Pacey has just taken over as head of the National Criminal Intelligence Service .
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