Example sentences of "[verb] just [vb pp] [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 May I remind him that the London Arts Board , which has just taken over from Greater London Arts , is settling down well to the work of funding arts associations throughout London .
32 ‘ I think everyone is probably making far too much fuss , and Angela has just taken off for a few days ' holiday . ’
33 And his friend Rachel ( ‘ She 's a singer ’ ) has just dropped in with some presents from her mom , and the bluesman tells us his old voice is starting to go , and our audience is finished .
34 Your client Paul Pry has just set up in his own business selling computers , and hopes to employ several people .
35 I mean just read round for fun yo and see if there 's anything that sticks and if you get chance to use it in an exam , do Okay , then it says develop a stock of gems .
36 The big one looked down at me as if I 'd just crawled out from under .
37 stayed and Andy 's and we 'd just gone over to the shops and .
38 But I think they 'd just gone back for the money creed and once you get that well erm they do n't realize that they could be falling into the trap unless we blokes stand firm now to maintain this standard of living .
39 But we nearly fainted when we asked which cottage — it was the one we 'd just moved out of ! —
40 I 'd just turned on to York Way when I spotted the two city gents who 'd been drinking in the pub .
41 They had been on stand-by since 10.00 a.m. and it was now after one o'clock , but they were as crisp and well-tailored as if they 'd just stepped on to the plane .
42 Charlie was dead keen on Lilian doing him credit and she always did , always looked as if she 'd just stepped out of a bandbox .
43 I have accepted part of it , and I 've amended it to ensure that we can overcome the criticisms er that would have been involved if we 'd left it er as it was , er and above all , and I think this is the most important thing , we 've made sure that it will work , er and that it will meet our objectives of getting competition into the franchises , if we 'd just ended up with one great monolithic British Rail , after all each franchise remember will be coming gradually , they wo n't be doing them all at once , there will be one next year , several the year after , and so on , if British Rail had been able to go around and pick them off , and say , Well we can run this now in the future much better than we 've done it in the past , so we 'll bid , and we 'll bid a low bid , that really would n't have been getting fair and proper competition into the system , so what i what I 've done is ensured , as I 've done all the way through in this bill in accepting amendments , that we make sure we achieve our objectives , and that above all it 's workable , the , as it was it would n't as it was the Paignton amendment would n't have been workable , because there would have been total chaos and confusion
44 ‘ Steve ! ’ she cried in amazement as he let himself into the apartment , grinning all over his silly face as if he 'd just popped out for a paper that morning and found he 'd won the state lottery .
45 I thought she 'd just popped out of her house like to have her hair done .
46 Well a a a at the time , they 'd just changed over from the erm Tenants ' Development Association , to the Tenants ' Action Group , so it was a bit disorganized to begin with , cos we were still sorting out the , everything from what they 'd left over and things , so , but once we 'd got that all so once they 'd got that all sorted out , yeah , it was .
47 Louis looked as though he 'd just got up off the ground after being knocked out in a fight .
48 The following morning , I 'd just got out of bed when he started barking to get out .
49 Singer 's face was flushed as if he 'd just got out of a hot bath .
50 ‘ I 'd just got out of bed — I was half asleep , ’ she tried , without much conviction .
51 I made sure I looked as if I 'd just got out of bed and dressed in a hurry — hence no socks and the sweatshirt — and went down to front garden to wave them in .
52 A high powered Sierra was careering down a steep hill in Wotton under Edge.When the driver reached the bottom he lost control and ploughed into the women who 'd just got out of their parked cars .
53 Well I c I I 've seen so many things over the year I just do n't believe it until I actually see it and th literally four weeks ago , I 'd just got back from Germany , went on a meeting the following morning and it 's that gentleman there , Steve , and h he 's got some pictures in his pocket which will prove exactly what we 're talking about .
54 That was er I 'd just got back from work .
55 And I 'd just got in at about oh half three .
56 Perhaps he 'd just slipped out of her , and located her anus by mistake .
57 she 'd gone out , she 'd just slipped out with Alice for something
58 And so , after they 'd just slipped off to the local registery office in the city , they had left for a brief honeymoon in Paris .
59 Cursin " he was " cos he 'd just settled down to his kipper .
60 She 'd just walked in to the nearest doorway and spilled the whole thing to a complete stranger .
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