Example sentences of "[verb] for a long time " in BNC.

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1 And I realised , well I had realised for a long time that dieting was n't the answer for me .
2 In those places where there is a delay in substantiation , faith is prepared to wait for a long time at the bar of history .
3 I remarked to my friend , ‘ You 'd have to wait for a long time to get a train from here , ’ he smiled and we both set off for the youth hostel down the road .
4 Some learning resources are cheaper than others , and British primary schools have improvised for a long time with the very simplest materials including the discarded packaging of the consumer society .
5 There were two posts allocated for social workers , but these had not been filled for a long time .
6 Nathaniel Sherman stumbled slightly at the entrance of his hut , and his wife heard him cursing and fumbling for a long time with the flap fastenings .
7 The low fertility families in social class III had courted for a long time , decided carefully about marriage , moved house seldom , and tended to be upwardly mobile in their jobs .
8 ‘ She 's wanted to go for a long time , ’ said Anne , nodding .
9 Then he had gone , and the Curator had stared for a long time after him , and then at the golden eagle who stared blankly back at him .
10 ‘ Was n't I the best prospect Bermondsey 'ad for a long time before I got me wound ? ’ he asked .
11 Also , the slow course of the disease implied that any drug would have to be given for a long time in order to be effective and so would have to be particularly harmless to patients .
12 In a wide ranging and at times overtly anti-communist speech , described by the Guardian of March 30 as " more measured and specific than any he has given for a long time " , Yeltsin pilloried central government policy , labelling perestroika the " last phase of the stagnation period " .
13 She 'd never known any details ; she did n't know if the accident happened early on , or whether she would have to sit for a long time just waiting for the inevitable .
14 She lost him then and had to search and found him eventually curled up amid the wiring in the back of the record-player where he had n't hidden for a long time , not since two dark-haired people who were into black magic had come to dinner and he had disappeared for half a day until she found his secret hole .
15 You have hidden for a long time , Maggie , and missed so much . ’
16 She read for a long time , and I had the bonus of knowing my father was waiting impatiently to fuck her again on this night of nights which was really their honeymoon .
17 The first is that with another ten years of John Paul 's rule , the silencing of awkward bishops and theologians , the appointment to the episcopate of a most carefully selected team of neo-conservatives , a rather traditionalist form of Catholicism will , in fact , harden and remain for a long time effectively unchangeable .
18 This has been recognized for a long time .
19 There is one important difference : the Prime Minister and his Cabinet can embark boldly upon their way forward , with electoral considerations banished for a long time to come .
20 Ann has n't done a lot of cooking for a long time though , have you really ?
21 Exposed for a long time to moist , saturated , air timber might settle down to a moisture content of 22 per cent or 23 per cent .
22 On a video-film made at Highlander entitled ‘ Save our Land and People , ’ a variety of these groups speak to each other about their own problems and possible solutions , hopes and fears , and I think it is no accident that some of the most beautiful music and evocative songs which I have heard for a long time comes from these people .
23 The kind of music she had not heard for a long time .
24 But it does need to be borne in mind that although this form of sudden death can create such instantaneous reactions there are also people who hide and keep quiet and suffer for a long time before finding the opportunity to talk to someone about their feelings or until another trigger sets them grieving .
25 I think the death of David 's father was probably what took him a while to make the decision about leaving Ken , because to lose his father , who he really adored , who had always been a pillar of strength to him , changed his life , and I think David carried a bitterness about him dying for a long time .
26 What we did n't know for a long time was that this book is his revenge on his parents .
27 Historians will be occupied for a long time to come in determining the exact balance and interaction of forces — including , to mention only the more obvious , the economic disaster of the Second World War , the rise of America , and the development of nationalism — which contributed to Britain 's imperial demise .
28 Luke , she knew , would be occupied for a long time yet , drinking coffee with the other women , talking over the day , helping to cement working relationships for the future .
29 He had been crouched on the first-floor landing for a long time , peering through the banister rails to the kitchen at the end of the lower corridor , listening to the ebb and flow of their conversation .
30 The crowd lingers for a long time , until it 's almost dark .
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