Example sentences of "[verb] for a long time " in BNC.

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31 Like the plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs , they were successful and varied for a long time , but all three groups failed to survive the Cretaceous .
32 In times of expansion , developments can be additive , and it is easier for new subjects to become institutionally — as distinct from academically — accepted ( doubts can linger for a long time ) .
33 Memories of the last will linger for a long time to come .
34 Second , there is the knock-on effect to the advertising market in the UK and Australia , which is looking weaker than it has for a long time .
35 The last has for a long time been the argument most favoured by political theorists .
36 For example , it has for a long time been generally accepted by students of organisation that any organisation is likely to need a number of rules and procedures to guide the behaviour of organisational members .
37 The geographical concentration of the relatively high per capita income services — especially in finance — in London and the South East has for a long time been a feature of the British economy [ Brown , 1972 ] .
38 Special education has for a long time been fertile ground for curricula based on linear models of learning , guided and assessed through hierarchies of objectives .
39 Safety , which has for a long time been assumed to be at odds with commercial considerations , is now a business interest .
40 Given that many of these theories require extremely detailed specifications of grammar rules and lexical entries this has for a long time formed an obstacle to the production of general systems .
41 High acidity of the duodenal contents has for a long time been found to be associated with gastric metaplasia , both in humans and in laboratory animals .
42 Organ jazz has for a long time been club-trendy but it has taken until now for a new artist to come through to match the likes of Jimmy Smith and ‘ Big ’ John Patton with whom she shares a clear affinity in her choice of rhythms and blues inflections .
43 Many people were therefore trapped for a long time .
44 This achieves much more in the long run than attempting to concentrate for a long time until fatigue sets in .
45 Watching the Trooper disappear up the road , I reckon it could go on trooping for a long time yet at the right price , with very little needing doing .
46 We kiss for a long time , then I straighten up .
47 Do they survive for a long time ?
48 He would gaze for a long time and , when Gabriel had finished his tasks , would settle again until the ghost reinforced itself somewhere else a few days later .
49 As an apologist , he seems totally blind to the fact that the New Testament is just such a collection of old books , which require , if we are to understand them aright , patience and a willingness to listen to scholars who have meditated for a long time on the nature of the ( often quite puzzling and contradictory ) material which they contain .
50 Two months after the military crackdown in Beijing in June 1989 , it was announced that university student intake would be cut from 640,000 to 610,000 in the next academic year , and that " specialities mainly in the social science fields which the State has deemed for a long time to have turned out personnel not qualified for socialist construction " would be suspended .
51 Finally , the most convincing evidence for residual function in animals comes from studies using very coarse stimuli that are presented for a long time .
52 I stood outside his door listening for a long time ; there was n't a sound .
53 This has been one of the best Friday debates that I have attended for a long time .
54 The view that aggression is an integral part of human nature has been strongly argued for a long time by exceptionally articulate and persuasive individuals .
55 We have argued for a long time that there is a peripheral argument that in the strategic interests of the nation we should be concerned about the coal industry .
56 I 've been saving for a long time with Alma
57 ‘ She suffered for a long time and although her father never knew about it , her mother did . ’
58 This is especially valuable where a job has been done for a long time by the same person .
59 At first he felt more relaxed than he had done for a long time .
60 They are perhaps playing a more prominent part than they have done for a long time .
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